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“70 Pages of Construction Defects” – Lennar Homeowner

This Lennar homeowner review comes from Henderson, Nevada and originally appeared on the Pissed Consumer website. Minor formatting and grammatical changes were made to the original review. I also included relevant links to similar construction defects I’ve experienced in my Lennar home.

“First of all, I was promised that the Lennar community in Henderson (Heritage) would be guard-gated. In reality, they are not going to have a guard until a certain amount of homes are sold.

I was NEVER told this.

Unfortunately, Lennar did not do proper research and built two gates that were much wider than is recommended. As a result, the gate did not work for most of my first year here. Lennar did not provide a security guard for all those times that the gate did not work.

As a result, anyone could access our community day and night. As a single person, I would NEVER have purchased here unless it was guard-gated as I was told by the sales reps.

Lennar clubhouse community issues

The clubhouse: The clubhouse balcony faces the entrance instead of being turned around to take advantage of the Las Vegas Strip and mountain views. I was told by the sales rep that there would be a view of the Strip and the mountains.

There are no slip proof floors in the locker room (they’re arriving any day now…), extremely hot surfaces around the pool (not correct pool decking), no shade for ANY of the lounge chairs, and no permanent game tables.

Just this month (11 months after the center opened) Lennar purchased temporary plastic tacky tables and chairs that you would find at Walmart. If you want to use the tables someone has to set them up each time and then take them down. All the other 55+ developments in the area have had nice game tables since they opened.

There were NO MIRRORS in the gym and I insisted that they put at least one wall of mirrors so you can safely monitor how you use the weights. The Bocce ball courts have the wrong kind of material on them and they are NEVER maintained. The Pickleball courts are usually full of leaves. There were no lights near the front of the clubhouse and finally have been installed at the residents’ pleadings.

More lights are needed to illuminate the pool area so that you can use it during the evening. There is a long list but I am trying to be succinct. Worksites: Debris is everywhere, including leftover food, which can attract unwanted animals. Workers show up earlier than the allowed beginning time of 6 AM and stay past 6 PM.

Flooring problems in the Lennar home

Now, my property: It took me 2 months to get Lennar to agree that the flooring they installed in my home was defective. The floor was like sandpaper and actually tore up my socks, slippers, and the pads on the bottom of my dog’s paws!

Lennar repairs caused more issues

All my furniture had to be removed and some of it was damaged when it was put back. When the flooring was replaced 8 out of the 9 lower cabinets in my kitchen were damaged.

So, they had to be replaced. One had to be repaired again because it was installed unevenly. When they replaced the cabinets they had to remove the granite island. It took them 4 tries to get an island that was not defective (3 were defective and one was 17 inches too long).

The baseboards had to be redone several times because the repairs were so inferior. Tons of areas inside and outside of the house were unpainted. The thermostat had to be replaced.

The list goes on and on.

Lennar homeowner hired an inspection company

Luckily, I hired an inspection company that discovered that Lennar had installed ALL 7 of my sliding glass windows incorrectly  The windows were letting the heat in during the summer and the cold in during the winter. One of the 7 windows had to be replaced AGAIN because it had a scratch on it. The large den window had to be replaced because of moisture inside. The guest bedroom ceiling corner measured 95 degrees because there was no insulation.

Believe me when I say that the [inspection] report of deficiencies was over 70 pages with 21 pages of instructions for repair.

There are so many more items but I am listing the major ones. Lennar has had workmen in a home for about a month to repair the items that the inspection company found that should have been done properly in the first place!

Here’s the final “kicker”: Just this past week I found myself ankle deep in water in my shower.

It took the plumber 6 and half hours to unclog the system. Why? One of the workers poured mortar down my laundry room sink! I called President of the Las Vegas Division.

She asked two other people to talk to me, even though I specifically asked to speak to her.

No one from Lennar has seriously addressed this issue.

I am at my wit’s end with this house and want Lennar to keep it!