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Bad Flooring: A Lennar Upgrade of $19,400

This Lennar Homes review comes from Henderson, Nevada and was originally posted on Facebook. The original review was slightly altered for formatting and grammatical errors.

Bad flooring

“I am trying to find out if there are other homeowners who purchased a Lennar home and went through Carpets N More to upgrade their flooring.

We did an upgrade of an extra $19,400.00 into a product called American Design 33 Fashion Gray floor by Mohawk. We were told at Carpets N More it was the newest flooring that had come in at the time, we were looking for the best flooring not only for looks but durability. A 15 to 20-year life at best.

We were told without hesitation from Carpets N More that this flooring was the best for us. It was durable for the dogs, we have (4 little doxies) water, scratch and dent resistant, no problem.

Looking at the product online it states that this flooring has an ARMORMAX finish with SCOTCHGUARD which provides the ultimate barrier against staining, abrasion and everyday wear and tear! So, with all that reinforcement said we decided on the flooring.

lennar homeowner review henderson nevada defective floor lennar homeowner review henderson nevada defective floor 2

Disappointed in upgraded Lennar flooring

Well, much to our disappointment it is all to the contrary.

The floor scratched everywhere, there are dents, divots, cracks, and splinters. Dents where every piece of furniture has sat. It is no more waterproof or water resistance than the man in the moon.

We have had workers out to replace panels and they ended up doing more damage when they were done with all their equipment.

Our home depending on the lighting as you walk in the front doorway is a complete embarrassment. If this floor looks this awful in just a little over a year, what on earth is it going to look like in 5 or 10? The thought is horrifying.

In all our lives and all our homes, this is the sadist in comparison. I just want to see if we are the only one having such a rough time with this floor.

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Complaints made about the upgraded flooring to Lennar

Oh, make no mistake we have complained to the point of no return with Lennar. Mohawk hired Desert Floor Inspections, a so-called “third party” who went through the whole house for a couple of hours and came back with a report a few days later stating the everything is fine with the floor – scratches dents etc. normal in a year.

The inspection of the general conditions starts with a non-invasive TRAMEX Concrete Moisture Encounter (scale 10-20). This found a range of 15 to 17 throughout.

An alarm sounds at 16 and above to warn about high moisture presence. This showed excessive moister in 80 to 90 percent of the floor so it seems that the flooring may have been installed too early where the concrete did not have time for excessive moisture to be evaporated.

Another moister test was done with a mini LINGO pin meter. This showed upper plank moister content of 6 percent or less as this is the lowest reading on the type of electrical resistance meter. At the time of inspecting the indoor temperature was 70.4 degrees and relative humidity was 20.9 percent. Using the NWFA standardized chart, the upper plank moisture content is approximately 4.6 percent for the current environmental conditions.

Lennar floor defective from the beginning?

My honest opinion is this floor was defective when we got it.

The top surface is very thin veneer (1/8”) that is somewhat bonded to a softwood sub base that is highly absorptive and compressible.

It surely does not live up to its expectations.

I would love for Mohawk, Lennar whoever to resolve the problem. We will not sign off on the house until we come to a conclusion.

Please send me your comments and by all means, if you have this product anything at all you might have encountered. The flooring is beautiful but I would never put it on my floors I would hang it on my walls.

Sad to say I would like to get a 2nd opinion so if you are or you know a floor inspector I don’t need all of the detailed reports I just want a visual, again what will this floor look like in 2, 5 or 10 years.

I can not even move my furniture around because of all the dents.

Something is very wrong and I just want if fixed, $19,400.00 into a floor is a lot of hard earned money going to waste.

I hate to call channel 13… or a lawyer I just want this worked out before I go that far.

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