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Beware of Quality of Work – Lennar Homeowner in Las Vegas

This Lennar Homes review comes from Las Vegas, Nevada and were originally posted on Facebook. The original reviews were slightly altered for formatting and grammatical errors. I also included links to some of the same Lennar construction issues I’ve encountered to provide context.

Beware of quality of work

We purchased in this community for location along with it being a gated community and moved into the area from out of state. We purchased a home which was almost complete and added our flooring and countertop selections and closed remotely while moving. When we arrived we obtained our keys and this is where the issues began with the workmanship – initial issues with:

  • Garbage Disposal not being hooked up – electrical install backward
  • Dishwasher – leak in plumbing under the sink (Raptor Plumbing)
  • Ice Maker – installed improperly – causing water leak in the kitchen
  • Front lights not working – wired improperly
  • AC heating unit wired wrong in the attic causing the damper to not work causing issues with heating the wrong areas up based on thermostats
  • Lights on the back patio – not installed
  • Cable TV and internet wiring not labeled and jumpers within the house – causing internet and TV installation to make multiple trips before this could be set up
  • Contractors leaving trash and nails all over the roads in the neighborhood – Forman and Regional office notified 5+ times and continue making it like living in a trash dump
  • Neighborhood lights not working including gate and park area – Fixed after 2 months in the neighborhood
  • Water Softener Drainage – setup improperly – causing a 1700-gallon water leak (Lennar took no ownership of their plumbing contractor)

Flooding in new Lennar home

Raptor Plumbing was contracted by Lennar for new home builds and after 5 months in the home, we had a major flood in the home.

The house was plumbed for a water softener and the inside plumbing wasn’t properly secured and caused the house to flood with 1700 gallons of water. My issue was Raptor Plumbing’s owner came to my home and denied any of it as their fault on the installation of the drainage loop, despite it being different from the initial model installation and many of the other homes in the same neighborhood.

He quickly blamed the softener install (who did not put the plumbing in). Many other new builds currently under construction are being secured with copper to avoid such an occurrence. The owner of Raptor kept going on and saying copper is being phased out, yet in all of the other homes in our neighborhood was installed.

Lennar won’t take responsibility

Needless to say, I had to get my insurance involved since Raptor and Lennar played the blame game and officially refused any liability. The flood shouldn’t have happened if the box in the laundry room was properly finished off holding the line in place so the water would drain properly during regeneration.

I had purchased a Lennar home based on the quality of work from past experience of Lennar in Texas and am regretting this so far after 6 months in my home.