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Buyers Beware. This is a Nightmare! – Lennar Florida Review

This Lennar Homes Florida review comes from Mount Dora, FL. and was originally posted on the ConsumerAffairs website.

Lennar sold us a “premium lot” in Mount Dora, Florida. The upgrade lot cost was $10k. The house sits high on a hill and looks over woods. A retaining wall was built and a fence installed by Lennar prior to building.

Before building, we expressed a great deal of concern about the steep backyard hill and possible landscaping solutions to make the yard have any useable space. We were assured that while landscaping would come at a price, it was certainly possible to add stairs, a retaining wall, and a patio. We decided we could make it beautiful and budgeted for the landscaping.

After building, our entire street has been affected by the crumbling retaining wall previously in place by Lennar. Water running off the home roofs has caused yards to collapse.

Lennar attempted fixes, as inexpensive as possible for about a year and then announced they would need to take down homeowner’s fences and install french drains in the retaining wall. Drainage improved and we thought the matter was resolved.

This week, we received letters from Lennar attorneys that we will need to remove our landscaping pavers – approximately 12 feet from the retaining wall – in case they ever need to access the drains again and because they want to repair their community fence and move it two feet closer to our homes.

This means that we must remove the approximately $15k worth of hardscaping we installed in the first place.

Lennar’s response was that the people from Lennar that worked with us on the hardscaping are no longer with the company. We are beyond frustrated, concerned not just about the lost money but also that the wall is still not capable of keeping our homes from collapsing.

Of course, the neighbors are all coming together and learning that in buying our homes we signed away all rights for a class action suit and there is little to no remedy available but to give up our yards to fix their improper drainage system and wall.

Buyer beware! This is a nightmare!