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Defective Lennar Doors That Let Anything Inside

The doors to the outside need to be replaced. Not just mine but most of the ones in this development phase of the Westshore Yacht Club.

Although Bob Harrower, Joel Fedora, and other contractors have adjusted the doors several times, the doors remain defective. When outside and reaching for the door handle, you can feel cool air coming out. I have mosquitos and lizards that get in constantly (although the mosquitos are likely breeding inside the house).

Here is a door upstairs by the balcony. It even lets water inside.

6111 yeats manor dr tampa defective doors westshore yacht club lennar homes

Although WCI (now Lennar) fixed the doors many times, they want to do the same fix again that hasn’t even been sustainable. The property is located at 6111 Yeats Manor Drive in the Westshore Yacht Club neighborhood.

They all have to be slammed shut as well. All of the neighbors have become used to hearing doors slamming. Although WCI originally indicated it was a homeowner maintenance issue, this issue was reported first in the summer of 2013 and just weeks being in my new Lennar home.

Here’s the summary of all of construction issues I keep in a spreadsheet.

*Note: For simplicity, the Lennar and WCI Communities names here are used interchangeably as Lennar took over WCI in February of 2017.

Defective door description

All exterior doors (main front, main back, guest retreat and guest retreat patio) need striker plate adjustments so that they latch when closed. Doors are defective as they are not fitted properly.

Original response to defective doors from Joel Fedora

WCI will have a trim carpenter adjust the strike plates to ensure that they close properly. WCI offers a one-time adjustment per the warranty. This is a homeowner maintenance issue, and the doors will continue to need adjustments in the future because of the constant use and weight of the doors.

Lennar in-house legal response to door issue

American Building Supply will adjust the doors and strike plates.

Amanda Buffinton legal response to Lennar about defective doors

Unacceptable response. More is needed.

WCI has made adjustments several times and the repairs are never sustainable. Mr. Fannin has complained of these issues since the second week of being in the home. The doors are in obvious need of adjustment as there are mosquitos in the upstairs office.

Additionally, you can see light coming out of the breezeway door. Mr. Fannin believes that the door misalignments may also be affecting the A/C unit that is being overstressed. Noise levels in the guest retreat are unacceptable and water has entered in the top door. The bottom door moves and adjusts constantly.

There is a greater issue that is occurring and it is WCI’s responsibility to fix these items. With the warming weather, Mr. Fannin has recently discovered that there are more gnats and mosquitos that are entering the main house and the guest retreat.

WCI needs to determine whether this is caused by the plumbing issues, the loose doors or windows or water intrusion issues.

Buffinton response to Lennar outside legal (prior to filing the 558)

Resolved. Mr. Fannin will allow WCI to attempt to fix the problem although Mr. Fannin reserves his rights to seek damages to the extent that the suggested repair does not resolve the situation.

My note that is in the spreadsheet and entered in 2015:

I will allow one more attempt and after which the doors should close with normal force required, and my gauge will be of airflow out, noise reduction and water intrusion tests. Again, they have done this same process three other times but will attempt one more just for the sake of doing it.
-Kris Fannin

Here was Amanda Buffinton’s response back to me in the spreadsheet:


-Amanda Buffinton

Final WCI outside legal response to 558 complaint

WCI offered to resolve this item but the Homeowner canceled the repair.

Note: This is not true at all. See: WCI (Now Lennar Homes) Lied in Their Legal Response. Why?

Lennar executive’s response on 5/22/2017

Adjust striker plates on the main front, main back, guest retreat and guest retreat patio to close tighter.

The total estimated cost to repair all the Lennar construction defects is nearly $300,000, which includes extensive mold remediation throughout the new construction home. Although the builder acknowledged the construction issues, the senior executives I was working with eventually went silent and ignored all Lennar home warranty requests and repairs.