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Did a Lennar Home Inspection Make Me Sick? And the Roof Inspection Happens.

After the first inspections by Lennar for my ongoing construction issues, I got sick for days. Here are the pictures and email I sent to Lennar executives. Plus the second inspection for the roof occurs. Lennar never made any of the promised repairs at 6111 Yeats Manor Drive. 

Although I had been through dozens of inspections since I first closed on my new Lennar home, the first one happened on Wednesday, March 15, 2017. Lennar finalized a take over of WCI Communities in February of the same year. The second inspection – a roof inspection – was scheduled for Thursday, March 23, 2017, and documented below.

During the first inspection, Rick Hudak and I walked through all the construction issues documented in my spreadsheet. We weren’t around the inspectors, so I was not aware of what the inspectors were looking at or doing at the time.

That Friday, March 17, 2017, I fell ill and was in bed for days. I sent this email to Rick, Mark Metheny and Steve Smith of Lennar on March 22, 2017 (links added for context):

Rick –

Just to update you on a few items. See attached for pictures.

After the inspection last week, I started experiencing illness on Friday. It kept me in bed through Monday. It included rashes, usual congestion, fatigue, and fever. I am not able to take antibiotics again so soon so just had to ride it out (although the rashes are still there). I am not sure if it had anything to do with whatever might have been ‘shuffled’ but that’s been pretty consistent since I moved here.

The indoor mosquitos are also coming back (season). The first two pictures are in my bedroom and the third is from the office. They are Asian Tigers.

We spoke about the under cabinet lights and two panels weren’t working. As you and I discussed, I didn’t know if all the lights went out at once if one of the bulbs went out. As determined in a previous email that doesn’t happen (each bulb goes out individually). This weekend, one of them came on again, but with only one light bulb (it hasn’t come on in well over a year). The other is still completely inoperable and they went out at the same time.

I noticed an odd noise with the upstairs air handler. I went to look and looked way in the back and up for the first time. Not sure if the A/C people saw this but it looks like a separation and cracking on the ceiling (this is the last picture).

As a side, one of the issues is the sewage outlet being some feet under the ground. Out of curiosity, I started looking at the same models of this house while walking the dogs. I am not seeing any of theirs either (I see them out near the curb or sidewalks for all the other houses). Just wanted to give you a heads-up that it might be an issue with this model during construction. The only reason I knew about it was through a plumbing inspection.

Thank you and see you tomorrow!

Yes – you read that right. Indoor Asian tiger mosquitos that carry all sorts of diseases, including the Zika virus. Here are the pictures I sent to all of them:

6111 yeats manor tampa sick after lennar home inspection rash mark metheny steve smith lennar construction problems

I started getting sick after a Lennar home inspection at 6111 Yeats Manor Dr. In addition to fever, I had rashes and mostly on my torso.

6111 yeats manor drive sick after lennar home inspection mosquito in bedroom mark metheny

As I laid in bed after the Lennar home inspection, I noticed Asian tiger mosquitos in my room. This was on the ceiling above. To give this relativity, the ceilings are 12ft and I was sitting up in bed. These mosquitos are big – and they hurt when they bite.

6111 yeats manor tampa sick after lennar home inspection mosquitos in bedroom mark metheny

Another Asian tiger mosquito across the room from me as I lay in bed sick after the initial Lennar home inspections.

6111 yeats manor drive tampa florida mold on ac gap lennar home inspection mark metheny steve smith

The A/C in the upstairs office. Notice the gap in the ceiling above (that is the rear of the A/C handler unit). Yes – that is black mold covering the A/C unit located at 6111 Yeats Manor Drive. All of the Lennar senior executives saw this and still have done nothing.

6111 yeats manor dr mold air conditioner lennar inspection sick mark metheny steve smith

Another picture of the upstairs (my office) A/C unit covered in mold at 6111 Yeats Manor Dr. You can actually see the roots of the mold – that’s how thick it is. All of the Lennar senior executives saw this mold in the first meeting at my house in March.

Here is a video I took at the same time of the upstairs air handler that is filled with mold.

I work just feet from all this mold. Regardless of how it’s cleaned, it quickly returns. You can also see the gap in the rear of the unit at the ceiling. This A/C unit has gone out several times, and I’ve had more than 20 A/C unit failures total in 4.5 years.

Here is more on how my Lennar home is making me sick as well as symptoms that other people have when they spend any significant amount of time in my home.

As a reminder, all of these Lennar senior executives witnessed this mold during their first meeting at my house to discuss all the ongoing construction issues.

Rick Hudak responded to my email with:

Thank you, we will add this to our notes. see you tomorrow morning about 11 for your roof inspection.

Rick Hudak

Director of Quality Assurance
Lennar Central Fla Division.

Lennar Roof inspection on March 23, 2017

Rick Hudak accompanied Koning Construction Consultants to do a roof inspection. There are several areas with physical signs of water intrusion in both the main house and guest retreat/office.

The inspector did not bring a ladder large enough to go onto the roof in the guest retreat/office. That’s a shame because as I showed the Lennar executives, I am constantly finding pieces of that roof in the driveway below.

6111 yeats manor drive tampa florida lennar home inspections rick hudak roof on ground

Although Lennar wanted to inspect the roof at 6111 Yeats Manor Drive, they never inspected the roof above the guest retreat and office. There are parts of that roof always falling to the driveway below.

The roof inspection lasted less than an hour although I blocked an entire three hours. This is how so much wasted time builds up in this Lennar home.

The inspectors ultimately determined that the roof flashing caused the leaks. I had fought this for years and again – it’s a construction defect.

Although I didn’t know at the time, Lennar would eventually want more inspections, including bringing in an environmental inspection company. As you’ll soon learn, those inspections have never occurred as all three of them suddenly went silent.

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Note: As of the date of this publication, all the Lennar executives went silent and none of the construction repairs were ever made, including the promised replacements of two, improperly installed and defective A/C units causing extensive mold exposure and health issues.