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“Do Not Buy a Lennar Home! I Learned the Hard and Expensive Way.” – Tampa Homeowner

This Lennar Homes Florida review comes from a homeowner in Tampa and was originally posted on the Better Business Bureau website. Minor formatting and grammar changes were made. I’ve also added links to similar Lennar construction defects I’ve experienced in my home.

Summary: Lennar homeowner had major issues with the roof, air conditioner, and plumbing. “I learned the very hard way and expensive way. Just want to warn anyone thinking of a new or resale home – make sure to research the builder!”

“DO NOT BUY LENNAR HOME! Do your research and see various complaints since early 2000’s. There are even entire websites created just to help spread the negatives of Lennar Homes.

I am an original owner of Lennar single family, one-story home in Florida.

Several major issues with the home that Lennar would not address. They always had an ‘out’ or past warranty period.

Lennar A/C problems

Here are the big ones: Air Conditioner condenser drain lines were not primed and were ran in between interior home walls instead of the garage so when they broke open, one of the back bedrooms were flooded and damage was done. This happened just after 2-year plumbing warranty.

The air conditioner unit had to be replaced at just 9 years of age and since the year 2007, I’ve had routine maintenance completed by professional A/C company every year.

Bad plumbing in a new Lennar home

Plumbing from the house to the street (sewer). Lines clogged with water backing up into the house. Upon investigation to resolve the problem it was found that Lennar had run another home’s plumbing into my sewer drain line instead of providing my own devoted sewer line from the house to street. The clog was actually in the leased-out home next door but I had a $400+ bill to pay for –

Why? Because this practice of tying in more than one home’s plumbing into another house plumbing not against building code – it is uncommon and unscrupulous business practice but not a building violation.

Lennar got away with their cheap building methods again.

Roof issues

Last and most recent bad news – bad roof. Here it is just barely over 10 years and the roof is rotted and giving away in several places.

The roof was installed incorrectly:

The roof company that looked at the Lennar home roof couldn’t believe it ever passed county inspections.

There are other small items over the years such as structural cracks due to stucco put on too thin, we had to repaint almost right away due to a one-coat application of cheap paint, tiles floors cracking because of the thinnest mortar underneath, and more ‘small’ stuff that adds up.

We’ve put in over $15,000 for a house barely 10 years of age – this is in repair costs only!

Not improvements.

I learned the very hard way and expensive way. Just want to warn anyone thinking of a new or resale home – make sure to research the builder!

Don’t buy Lennar for sure!”