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Electrical Issues in the Garage and Upstairs Office

Electrical issues run throughout my new construction Lennar home at the Westshore Yacht Club. Up until the last year, they were more confined to the main house, but have since become much more frequent especially in the garage.

Granted, the garage has a ton of issues including roof leaks, malfunctioning banner lights and water intrusion when it rains. While these electrical issues could be linked to any of those issues, there is something happening more frequently in this area. As well, the sprinklers often come on for now reason. All of the electrical components are located in a similar area in the garage.

Lennar did not respond to these issues after their first home inspection months ago. I also have never received the updated spreadsheet with the ongoing construction issues after our last conference call in May. It’s November. I doubt I’ll get it at this point.

The office is just upstairs from the garage and has similar electrical issues, including a faulty fan.

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