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Email to Lennar C-Suite: “I Would Like to Give This Team the Benefit of the Doubt”

It had been more than two months since I last heard from Mark Metheny after he wanted to continue inspections after our last conference call. Because of the unexplainable silence after working with them for almost three months, I started filing complaints with various agencies which I will also be posting here.

I decided to email the C-level suite executives at Lennar. My assumption is they simply couldn’t know what was happening at the Regional level of the company. You’ll find out soon that I was incredibly wrong.

I sent the email to the following C-suite executives at Lennar:

Here is the email I sent to them on August 5, 2017, and I’ll add relevant links to posts and articles that were not included in the original email for context:

Lennar Executives-

I bought a home new construction home from WCI Communities in 2013. In four years, my life has been completely turned upside down.

My hope is when Lennar took over, that there would be some relief for all of us. Although your Regional Director and his team came to my home and started multiple inspections after they found so much they simply stopped communicating.

I have not heard from them in over two months. That shows precedent from the previous builder.

I have no choice but to start filing complaints with the AG, the county as well as my legislative representatives. This should not be allowed to happen to anyone. My home was delivered so defective that I cannot even list it to sell.

Your Regional leadership (at the least) is very aware of this. So much so that they sent a release basically taking away all my rights, while agreeing to relocate me during the repairs (that’s how extensive they are).

But have since just stopped communicating. I’m not the only one.

I would like to give this team the benefit of the doubt in not realizing what is happening in various Regions.

I am happy to discuss and forward all call logs, communications, and emails that have been sent.

I await your response and thank you for your consideration.

Kris Fannin

email to lennar c executives stuart miller august 5 2017

An email I sent to Lennar C-level executives on August 5, 2017.

You’ll also find an attachment I forwarded with a rather detailed history, along with links to photos and videos.

I was shocked by the response I received the following week.

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