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Excitement Turned to Disappointment – Lennar Homeowner in Parkland

This Lennar Homes review comes from a homeowner in Parkland, Florida and was originally posted on the ConsumerAffairs website. Minor formatting and grammar changes were made. I also included relevant links to similar Lennar construction issues I’ve experienced in my home.

HOME BUYER BEWARE: It’s not just the normal items you need to be aware of when buying a home and doing your walk through such as, paint touch up or leaky faucets.

My husband and I purchased new homes in the past. We only had to deal with simple fixes/repairs. However, this was our first time buying a home with Lennar.

Unfortunately, we have never had so many challenges and problems to deal with as we have with Lennar. We found out the hard way that you need to be aware of much more when buying a home.

My husband and I recently purchased a new home in 2016 at Lennar Miralago in Parkland Florida. It was to be our retirement home and we were excited about the move. Our excitement soon turned into disappointment after we encountered many unexpected problems and challenges.

Below are a few of the problems from our repair list. Problems along with the inconvenience that a new homeowner should not have to deal with. We feel this should have never happened if Lennar had the proper quality control and took better care in the construction of our home.

  • A gas line was never put in and had to be installed after we moved in.

How does that even pass inspection?

  • Plumbing was put in backward in the utility room.

How does that pass inspection?

  • Some utility lines that should have been installed in front of our home before we moved in were not installed. We are now dealing with the installation and the mess being left in the front of our home.

How does that pass inspection?

Parkland is known to have a high water table. When it rains and/or the sprinklers go on, we along with other residents have a drainage issue. Having the proper drainage is extremely important.

The Land developer/builder knew about the high water table in Parkland. They should have been proactive in doing the job right.

Instead, we have to deal with puddles and mud a majority of the time around our home. We need waterproof boots to take a walk in our yard.

We were told that Lennar will be taking care of the drainage issues eventually. They have a backlog of people to take care of with drainage issues. Also, in order to fix the problem, our fence will probably need to come down and we may not have a fence for a few months.

Our yard will also be torn up.

Once again we will be inconvenienced for a few more months.

We have the fence because of our pool and pets.

We only wish we would have been aware of the above problems before we closed on our home. We would have waited until all was taken care of before we moved in. It would have been nice to move into our new home without dealing with these types of issues.

We feel all the above problems could have been avoided. Better quality control and a little more time and care to do a better job. Lennar would save money in the long run. As we know, fixing mistakes can be costly. Also, it is better to have happy homeowners. It creates a positive marketing tool.

The Lennar homes being built in Parkland FL. are supposed to be Lennar’s premium homes in Parkland. We think it is an embarrassment for Lennar to pass the home we purchased a premium home. On a positive note, so far the employees have been nice and usually try to help.”