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Homeowner in Florida: “Do Not Purchase a Home From Lennar!”

This homeowner review comes from Orange County, Florida and was originally posted on the Pissed Consumer review website. The original review has been modified for formatting and some minor grammatical corrections.

“I would rate zero stars if I could. Where to start?

I entered a contract with Lennar to buy in Storey Park. Everything was perfect, at first. Little changes along the way, like mistaken yard size as there was an easement making the yard 10 feet more shallow than originally thought. Last straw was we were told on day one we could only have PVC fence.

Then 2 months before closing we find out we can only have rod iron. I have dogs that lose it seeing other people and behind the yard was a cart path and a school, so the foot traffic was going to be heavy. This was a no-go for my family. We were offered a transfer to Moss Park.

We were told,

“Lennar wants to get you in the home that’s right for your family. If we can’t find something that works, we can just cancel. We aren’t going to give you a problem with your deposit.”

At Moss Park, we once again were told everything we wanted to hear.

“Oh ya, you’ll get everything you had over there.”

We were also told that the HOA was lower, the taxes and insurance would be lower. Our new agent estimated our monthly payment to be $2,000, $400 cheaper than at Storey Park. We felt while we weren’t getting what we originally wanted, we were getting a significantly lower payment.

So we bit.

Big mistake. A week later when we got the clear picture of the numbers, it was $2,400 a month. So now we were getting less than we initially wanted, for the same cost.  No solar panels here either.

Oh yea, also the light fixtures and fans are not included. Even though the selling point is this “EI” (Everything’s Included). So we decided we were done being jerked around and wanted to cancel. It took me two weeks to get cancellation paperwork due to my agent being busy, or simply ignoring me.

It went from responses within the hour to responses after days. I also asked to speak to a manager in multiple emails over the 2 weeks. I still have not spoken to one.

Today I finally received my cancellation paperwork. It had Lennar keeping my deposit.

I have since asked that to be corrected and again, have been ignored. I will probably be answered within the next few days if the pattern continues. Here’s the kicker – my landlord knows I was leaving for a May closing and has put this house on the market. I now have no home once she sells.

I now need to put the funds together to either rent for another year or quickly buy somewhere else.

All due to Lennar not providing accurate information.

I say with every fiber of my being, do not purchase a home from Lennar.”