Homeowner: “Lennar Should be Ashamed of Themselves” | My Lennar Home

Homeowner: “Lennar Should be Ashamed of Themselves”

This Lennar homeowner review comes from Nevada and was originally posted on the Pissed Consumer review website. The original review was modified for formatting and grammar. I also included links to similar Lennar construction problems I have experienced in my home.

“We bought our Lennar home BRAND NEW in 2012, we watched as it was built from the ground up and were beyond excited about our new home but that excitement proved to be short-lived.

Not long after receiving the keys little things here and there were beginning to surface, the walls had small cracks that appeared right where they intersect with the ceiling, our weather stripping in our doorways were failing and flat so they whistle terribly when it’s windy, the grading in the back and side yards were terrible which caused flooding to occur when it would rain and all in less than the first year.

The following years included having to replace our water heater, garage door opening unit, shower handles that failed and caused leaks within the walls, we had to fix the heater when it died on us mid-winter, the dishwasher absolutely will not drain and we rinse every single dish before it’s ever loaded and now the *** microwave turns on by itself when you open the door!

For God sakes, we bought this house brand new FIVE YEARS AGO! How do these people sleep at night??

I have absolutely had it with this bull *** money pit.

This home was supposed to be an amazing investment for myself and my family and our future but instead, it’s turned into a black hole of a poorly built house where the mortgage is already 60-70% of our monthly income.

Lennar should be ashamed of themselves.