“I Would Never Buy From Lennar Again” – Lennar Florida | My Lennar Home

“I Would Never Buy From Lennar Again” – Lennar Florida Homeowner

This Lennar Florida homeowner review comes from Fort Meyers and was originally posted on the ConsumerAffairs website. Minor grammar and formatting changes were made. I included links to similar Lennar construction issues I’ve experienced in my home.

“I moved into a new Lennar home and I have had nothing but problems.

Tiles cracking left and right, the same ones had to be replaced three times before they used a membrane underneath. Many houses in this development had the same issue where Lennar had to replace ALL the flooring. It was a hush-hush issue or I would’ve made more of a stick since my tiles still are cracking and now they won’t do anything about it.

I had a roof leak in the first year and now a second roof leak two weeks ago. Lennar states it’s not covered under the 10-year warranty, and in the email, Lennar stated that I only had a one year warranty on it.

Have had electrical problems where my breakers would pop when I turned on lights – this went on for over a year. My AC unit was installed wrong where the air flow is not dispersed evenly in the house, so only one side actually gets air-conditioned air.

Had them come out – Lennar did nothing.

Within the first three years had to replace the dryer – stopped working; the dishwasher – stopped washing; the washing machine – started to leak on the floor.

Before the roof was leaking, I was sending complaints about the grading slant that runs “into” my patio where mold builds up.

The last two years my health has declined, and now I have a small pond every time it rains behind my patio because of the grade.

Then the roof situation started to leak and the experience with Lennar has been the worst.

They advertise that they produce a quality product and that they have an awesome warranty that they stand behind. They have wiggled all around it.

It was POOR CONSTRUCTION when built. This is the second leak 10 feet apart from the first one. Lennar and the roofing Company needs to take care of this problem.

Neither will take responsibility for their poor workmanship.

I would NEVER buy from Lennar again.