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Improper Installation of Gas Water Heater Exhaust

Not only was the tankless gas water heater improperly installed to the wall, the exhaust on the roof was not installed correctly – causing a hazard in the 6111 Yeats Manor Drive home.

The last time I allowed Bob Harrower into my home, he was insistent that both the gas water heater and dryer vent exhaust were installed correctly.

6111 Yeats Manor Drive Tampa water heater exhaust vent lennar construction problems

The gas water heater exhaust is turned in the wrong direction, is raised from apparent stress, and is too close to the gas dryer vent exhaust in the Lennar home located at 6111 Yeats Manor Drive.

As a reminder:

6111 yeats manor drive tampa bob harrower tile westshore yacht club wci communities lennar homes

Communication from Bob Howler of WCI Communities indicating there was no concern with the dryer vent lint.

Lennar has still not made the repair.

Here is the history on this issue that’s gone on for years.

Note: As of the date of this publication, all the Lennar executives went silent and none of the construction repairs (totaling nearly $300,000) were ever made, including the promised replacements of two, improperly installed and defective A/C units causing extensive mold exposure and health issues.

Here’s the summary from all of construction issues I keep in a spreadsheet.

*Note: For simplicity, the Lennar and WCI Communities names here are used interchangeably as Lennar took over WCI in February of 2017.

Gas water heater exhaust issue description

The water heater exhaust vent on the roof is facing the wrong way causing improper ventilation. The vent should be turned away from the roof tiles to avoid tile damage and allow for proper ventilation. Comparable model homes have different proximity and location of roof exhaust pipes and vents.

Original response to the gas water heater exhaust issue from Joel Fedora

WCI will have a plumber address this issue. The current installation does not violate any code issues.

Lennar in-house legal response gas water heater exhaust issue

Del-Air to re-route the dryer vent and turn the goose neck 180 degrees. Roofer to repair roof system where vent was relocated.

Amanda Buffinton legal response to Lennar about water heater exhaust issue

Unacceptable response. Moving the dryer vent will not correct this issue. WCI has already agreed to inspect and repair the same issue.

Buffinton response to Lennar outside legal (prior to filing the 558)

WCI stated that it believes that Mr. Fannin misunderstood WCI’s response. WCI has agreed to relocate AND turn the goose neck. Mr. Fannin accepts this response while reserving his rights. Additionally, Mr. Fannin shall have decision-making authority over anything that involves changes in the aesthetics of the roof.

Final WCI outside legal response to 558 complaint

WCI offered to resolve this item but the Homeowner canceled the repair.

Note: This is not true at all. See: WCI (Now Lennar Homes) Lied in Their Legal Response. Why?

Lennar executive’s response on 5/22/2017

Turn exhaust pipe to avoid conflict with vent and exhaust pipes. Add blocking to tankless water heater and correct all piping to tankless water heater.