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Jet Fuel Pipeline Feet from Westshore Yacht Club East Walls

One of the best-kept secrets in this Lennar neighborhood is a 46 y/o jet fuel pipeline that runs just outside of the east walls of the Westshore Yacht Club community.

I remember when I first moved to the neighborhood, one of my neighbors had this to say about the Westshore Yacht Club walls and gate:

Son, those walls? That gate? Those aren’t there to keep people out. They’re here to keep secrets in!

At the time, I laughed. Now, and ironically, one of the best-kept secrets of the neighborhood is a jet fuel pipeline that runs just outside of the east walls of the Westshore Yacht Club community.


One of the best-kept secrets of the Lennar community, Westshore Yacht Club, is the aging jet fuel line that runs just outside of the wall.

Jet fuel pipeline violations

The pipeline has been fined numerous times over the years for various violations. The one below resulted in a fine of $77,400.

Item 1: The Notice alleged that Respondent violated 49 C.F.R. § 195.452(b)(5), which states in relevant part as follows: § 195.452 — Pipeline integrity management in high consequence areas. … (b) What program and practices must operators use to manage pipeline integrity? Each operator of a pipeline covered by this section must: … (5) Implement and follow the program.


Westshore pipeline is privately owned and operated

The 46-y/o Westshore pipeline is privately owned and operated by Tampa Pipeline Corporation. It transports jet fuel right outside of our homes to Tampa International Airport.

There have been several documented violations and fines. You can search TAPC for a list of incidents, inspections, and violations at D.O.T. You can inspect the documents included with each incident.

The pipeline has gone more than two years at times with no inspections.


Inspection reports of the Westshore jet fuel line.

No disclosure of fuel pipeline

Do you think I EVER would have even had thought of building in the neighborhood, much less this close to a jet fuel pipeline?

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The back of my house is just feet from the line.

The Westshore pipeline runs between the sidewalk and Westshore in the lane of grass and runs up most of this side of the street.

westshore yacht club jet fuel line lennar homes

The east view off my balcony. That’s where the jet fuel line runs.

Westshore Yacht Club is in an HCA – High Consequence Area

The diagram below is found on the Pipeline Safety section of the D.O.T. website. The red indicates the jet fuel pipeline that runs along the west side of Westshore.


It is red for two reasons – we live in an HCA which means if anything were to occur, there would be ‘high consequence.’ Ummmm. Yeah.

Second, this Westshore pipeline contains areas where there are breakout tanks. These areas include large quantities of jet fuel for storage, testing and regulation and consequently, elevate the security risks of the area. The exact locations of the breakout tanks are not publicly disclosed for understandable security reasons.


Breakout tanks include large quantities of jet fuel for storage, testing and regulation and consequently, elevate the security risks of the area.

westshore-yacht-club-jet-fuel-pipeline-breakout-tanks-guide-lennar-homes-1However, the jet fuel pipeline and breakout tanks are just outside of our walls.

Remember, back in 1971, few people could have dreamed that this land would ever become residential.



Fuel pipeline warning outside of the walls of the Westshore Yacht Club – a Lennar Homes community.

Critical questions

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lot of questions around this, as I’m not comfortable without a plan.

  • Should the Westshore pipeline have been disclosed to us by WCI Communities (now Lennar)?
  • Is there an emergency response plan?
  • Is there a disaster recovery plan if the Westshore pipeline explodes or leaks?
  • Are the water and soil tested on a regular basis?
  • How often are the fuel pipelines checked for leaks?
  • What are the potential health risks, if any, and what are we to look for environmentally or otherwise?
  • How do we get out of the neighborhood? The Westshore pipeline blocks anything east of the wall.
  • How often does Lennar meet with the private operator, regulators and city officials regarding the fuel pipeline?
  • Do any of the several Westshore Yacht Club associations know about this or have a plan with respect to the Westshore pipeline?
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