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Lennar After Inspections: We’ll Get Back to You Whenever

More than a month after Lennar conducted home inspections for more than 80 construction issues at 6111 Yeats Manor Drive, my dogs and I are being eaten by Asian tiger mosquitos.

If you’ll recall after the first Lennar home inspection on March 15, 2017, Rick Hudak said I would hear from Lennar by the end of the next week which would be March 24th. In the interim, Lennar Homes requested another inspection for the roof and that occurred on March 23, 2017.

On March 28th, I sent this email inquiring about the inspection results to Richard Hudak, Steve Smith, and Mark Metheny:

Morning, Gentlemen –
Just wanted to try and gauge when reports/recs may be available to review.
Hoping all is well and thanks again, Rick, for your time the last couple of weeks.


I received this response from Steve Smith of Lennar: (links added to give context and were not included in the original email from Steve Smith)

Good Evening Mr. Fannin, I would like to Thank You for your patience as we continue to review all of your concerns.  As I hope we demonstrated during our initial meeting, Lennar’s commitment to our customers extends beyond the sale and formal warranty of your home. We remain committed to provide a fair and reasonable response to all of your concerns.

To that end, we want to make sure that we provide a comprehensive and informed response and therefore I am working everyday with Rick Hudak, the inspectors, the contractors that performed the original work on your home, and other experts from various fields. This process is very time consuming as we have to compare all information against the building codes and manufacturers specifications applicable at the time of installation on our home.

After we conclude our findings we will need to consult with counsel due to the ongoing litigation.  I can’t yet set a specific timeframe, but I expect it will take at least several weeks to accumulate this information.

Again, we Thank You for your patience and understanding.

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This is where a really bad attorney comes into play. A 558 was filed after home inspections by the builder more than a year and a half before these inspections. Although nothing had been done, Lennar was still acting as though it was active. I respond to all parties with this email (links added here for context):

Thank you for the response. I am confused by ongoing litigation. Nothing has happened or been done since October of 2015.

With that in mind and considering it has been going on almost four years, I’m disappointed in two inspections and a meeting taking several more weeks to determine. Do I remediate mold in the interim?

I didn’t realize this was still going to counsel. I would appreciate updates outside of that process. For example, what was shown in the inspections.

I cannot keep this journey going indefinitely. Several weeks could go into the summer.

I guess my ultimate question is are we going legal route? Had hoped to avoid that and just do what’s right. If this is going to counsel and several more weeks after two inspections, that’s concerning to me.

Please advise and let me know if it makes sense for a call.


I find it ironic that I was worried about it going into the summer of 2017. I wanted out. I’m writing this as we near February 2018.  This place makes me sick in every way a place can make you sick. As well, other people get sick in my Lennar home as well.

Two days later on March 28, I receive this email response from Mark Metheny of Lennar:

Regarding the legal question, until you dismiss the 558 claim, we still consider it “ongoing.” That doesn’t mean that we will change timelines or how we inspect, but all of the inspections that we have done and the resulting reports that are prepared as part of our legal investigation and we can’t simply provide those to you. We will push as fast as we can, but I want I be realistic.

Mark Metheny
Division President – Lennar Central Florida

Keep in mind that it was approaching four years at this point and I had been through countless inspections, repairs, and legal meetings. I just wanted to get out of the house that was making me sicker. I wanted my life back.

March 29th email to Lennar – Is there anything I should do to protect my health?

After the first inspection, I became sick and never seemed to get better, and I reported this to Lennar. For some time, I suspected something in this house had been making not only me sick but others who spent time in my Lennar house sick as well.

I did not have access to the Lennar home inspection reports, so I had no idea what could be going on in the home. I sent this email to the Lennar executives asking if there was anything I could or should be doing in the interim to protect the structure (my home) and my health.

Gentleman –

While you are going through the internal processes that must occur from the end of Lennar, can you please send the inspection reports? I just want to make sure in the interim that if there is anything that could impact health of further operations of what was inspected that I am able to take appropriate preventative.

Thank you.

Here was Lennar’s response to that email:



Asian tiger mosquitos get worse

On Sunday, April 16 – and more than a month after the first inspection – I send this email to all of them:

Just to keep you posted, the mold continues to get worse and these are infesting both the main house and guest house. They must be coming from within as I never leave doors or windows open.

It’s gotten worse each year since the first month. They hurt. I’ve resorted to sleeping in long pants and shirt. Similarly, I’m having to try and keep the dogs covered as well.

This is today and in the main house. There are more in and around the sinks and the ceilings.

Hope you all are having a great holiday.

Here are the pictures I included of the continued infestation of Asian tiger mosquitos.

6111 yeats manor dr tampa florida asian tiger mosquito lennar construction problems mark metheny

My dogs and I are constantly bitten by these Asian tiger mosquitos. They hurt and Lennar knows about them. The property is located at 6111 Yeats Manor Drive in the Westshore Yacht Club neighborhood.

6111 yeats manor drive tampa fl asian tiger mosquito on counter lennar construction problems mark metheny

Another Asian tiger mosquito on the counter in the kitchen. They also carry the Zika virus.

6111 yeats manor drive tampa asian tiger mosquito close lennar construction problems mark metheny

A closeup of the Asian tiger mosquito in a bathroom located in the Lennar home at 6111 Yeats Manor Drive.

Here was Lennar’s response to the last email:



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Note: As of the date of this publication, all the Lennar executives went silent and none of the construction repairs were ever made, including the promised replacements of two, improperly installed and defective A/C units causing extensive mold exposure and health issues.