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Lennar Cuts Corners and Houses Don’t Last Five Years – Texas Homeowner

This Lennar Homes review comes from Houston, Texas and was originally posted on the Lennar Houston BBB website. Minor formatting and grammatical changes were made. I also added links to related Lennar construction defects I’ve experienced in my home.

“I purchased a NEW Lennar home about 6 yrs ago. Since then I have had so many problems with my house.

I have a restroom that in the shower two walls are buckled. I have had a toilet overflow and mess up my walls and carpet. When I had the plumber come out he said the blockage is under the garage. I have toilets that stopped working. When reported, Lennar always says things are out of warranty.

I have lived in homes before that were not NEW and didn’t have this many problems.

I bought a NEW home not to have many problems and it turns out I have had more problems then I did with a used home. There have been several plumbing companies in the subdivision so I must not be the only one having problems.

I have two hot water heaters that are all rusted on the top. Per the plumbing company, that’s because it was missing something on top that caused it. It was made in China so it needed a special gasket or something, and since it was missing it caused it to leak and rust. Lennar has been out to see them and won’t fix them.

I had to have them come out when my house was first built cause Lennar connected A/C wrong and it was dripping down the side of my house.

Under my kitchen sink, there is rust from something leaking.

I have the concrete in my backyard (like for a little patio) that is pulling away from the house.

My neighbor has had them come out several times to fix a leak on his roof because Lennar didn’t fix it correctly the first time.

Lennar cuts corners and tries to get out of fixing problems they cause due to cheap stuff they put in the homes that don’t even last 5 yrs.

I have been having these problems for a while.

I would never buy a house from them again nor recommend them. If someone would have told me in less than five years I would have all these problems I would have never bought a home from Lennar.”