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Lennar Does Not Care About Homeowners – Tampa, FL.

This Lennar Homes review comes from a homeowner in Tampa, Florida and was originally posted on Facebook. Some minor formatting changes and I linked to relevant Lennar construction issues I’ve had to provide context.

“Do NOT buy a Lennar home. This company is terrible when it comes to fixing problems within the home.

They like to do cheap “fixes” just to get you through the warranty time frame and then they wash their hands and tell you that now that problem is out of warranty.

Lennar unethical business practices

They have very unethical business practices.

I had two major issues with my home upon move in. We were given the construction managers number and told to call with any problems, which we did. However now that one of those “fixes” they did wasn’t documented timely by the construction manager and we weren’t told to go through the warranty website, they’re refusing to correct their problem.

Word of advice, steer clear and ALWAYS go through the website because if you do you’re your told and just call the manager directly they will act like the problem never existed because the managers don’t report it to the warranty department leaving no paper trail!!

Wouldn’t buy a Lennar home again

I definitely would have done EVERYTHING differently including not buying a Lennar home, to begin with. Problems at every single turn. They DO NOT care about their homeowners or that they are putting out a faulty product.”

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Lennar homeowner in Tampa, FL: “They [Lennar Homes] have very unethical business practices.”