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Homeowner – Lennar Failed to Disclose Water Damage

This Lennar review comes from a homeowner in Hialeah, FL and was originally posted on the Consumer Affairs review website. I provided some minor formatting changes from the original review and I linked to relevant Lennar construction issues I’ve had to provide context.

“I just moved into my [Lennar] home 3 months ago and having major issues. Recently discovered there was no plumbing drain pipe installed at all in the guest bathroom! I am seeing cracking in all the bathrooms and the drywall bulging for some reason. I installed new wood floors upstairs and when they took the carpet up, we discover all the wood had water damage. When they replaced parts of the subflooring, we discovered water damage throughout all the wood. There was a hurricane that went through South FL couple months prior to purchasing my home and apparently Lennar did not cover the wood properly and FAILED to disclose the water damage when they sold the house.

When the contractor came to my home to look at the problems he brought six other guys with me. I felt that was unnecessary and his way of intimidating me. He had a bad attitude and treated me as if I knew nothing about houses. They did a horrible job at fixing the floors! I recently noticed bulges in my ceiling in the kitchen and believe the water damaged floor upstairs is dropping. Lennar took a look at the ceiling and said it was the wood expanding and there was nothing they could do. What?! I just moved in, the house is falling apart and he said this? Lennar representative had excuses about everything and that nothing was their fault.

The Lennar rep came to my home today and told me I would be required to file a claim with my home insurance about the water damage and I told him Lennar was required to disclose the water damage when selling the house and that Lennar was responsible. He then said,

“The lawyers would never let that happen,”

and that the lawyers could cause me problems.

I took that as a threat and I knew at that point it was time to get serious. I just contacted the city inspectors office and filed a complaint because I believe the house was never inspected properly. I am also considering creating a lot of social media postings and videos letting everyone know what is happening to me.”

The homeowner gave Lennar a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.