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Lennar Homeowner in Vancouver: Beware of Buying a Lennar Home

This Lennar review comes from a homeowner in Vancouver, Washington and was originally posted on Facebook. Some minor formatting changes and I linked to relevant Lennar construction issues I’ve had to provide context.

“Here is what we have been busy for: My parents bought this house last December, and they have been frustrated about the flooded backyard even before our closing.

Requested the builder to fix it during new home orientation, sent few more request after moved in, BUT builder @lennarhomes have not done anything yet! Today is 2days after rain, water still in our yard!

Weather is warming up, these unwanted ponds bring all kinds mosquitoes/ insects! Our neighbors experienced/experiencing the same issue. The builder put French drain for them, but they did not do anything for us, just told us to wait for 24/48hours after rain to let the water dry. But apparently, the water didn’t go anywhere! The customer service team will come to do another evaluation today. Hope they will do something this time!

Please stop telling us to wait, or some warranty excuses. This problem was listed in home inspection report which is sent to the builder before closing, and in the closing list. They promised they will fix all problems before closing. Everything they said they will replace with new one, ended up they just fixed them, and even fixed something in the wrong method, and looks really ugly! Like the front entry door, mom is super mad, there was a piece chopped off at the right top corner, during orientation they said will get a new door, but we witnessed they just patch it and paint. Well, my parents were just too nice or say too stupid, they did not speak up at that time, because they saw labors work in the late night. Lessons learned!

Be aware if anyone thinking of buying a house from Lennar, please check everything carefully and list them all in the closing list, make sure they do everything correctly in the right way before closing!!!!!!!!!especially if you are in this area, Portland, Vancouver metro, Felida.

Or go find another more credible, reliable builder!”