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Lennar Homes Reviews – How and Where to Write One

Whether you are looking to write Lennar Homes reviews based on your experience or whether you want to know the best sites to read Lennar reviews, I give you everything you need.

One thing I wished I had done before buying a new construction home built by Lennar was read more Lennar Homes reviews. Why? I would have avoided buying one of their homes. Because of the lack of consumer protections in buying a new construction home, submitting an honest and thorough Lennar review is one of the most powerful methods to get your voice heard.

I’ll provide you a list of the most helpful websites and forums to submit your reviews and then provide you with some quick and general advice for writing your Lennar Homes reviews. If you are researching Lennar Homes, these review websites and forums are great tools to become educated on the overall experiences of Lennar homeowners.

Lennar Home reviews websites

Below is a list of websites I recommend for submitting your Lennar Homes reviews or visiting them if you are deciding whether to do business with the builder.

Pissed Consumer Lennar reviews

The Pissed Consumer website currently has almost 300 Lennar Homes reviews. Here is my review from their website.

  • You can find the Pissed Consumer Lennar reviews here. You can submit your review from the same page.
  • Pissed Consumer allows you to add pictures as well as add videos by submitting links to YouTube videos.
  • If you have an estimate for any losses, you should include those as well in the field provided.

Consumer Affairs Lennar Homes reviews

The Consumer Affairs website has nearly 150 Lennar reviews. Here is my review from their website.

  • You can find the Consumer Affairs Lennar reviews here. You can submit your review from the same page by “Select stars to rate your experience” and then hit “Click to Review.”
lennar homes reviews consumer affairs

Submitting your Lennar review on Consumer Affairs is easy. Just look for the small square with stars on the left-hand side.

  • Becoming a ‘Verified Reviewer’ on Consumer Affairs is as simple as verifying your email address. More on becoming a verified reviewer can be found here.
  • As of now, you can only submit pictures for your Lennar review, but not videos.

BBB Lennar reviews and complaints

You can either submit a Lennar review OR complaint to the Better Business Bureau website. I submitted a review because of the almost 50 complaints filed (in the last three years) for my designated Lennar division, only FIVE were marked as resolved.

  • Go to the BBB website. Enter “Lennar” in the “What are you looking for?” field and then your location in the “Near” field.
Lennar-reviews-better-business-bureau-mark metheny

Lennar Homes Reviews: How to find your Lennar office location on the Better Business Bureau.

  • Once you find your Lennar location, hit “Submit a Review” off to the right of the screen.
lennar homes reviews better business bureau submit a Lennar review

Lennar Reviews: The picture above shows where to hit “Submit a Review” on the BBB website.

  • Walk through each step. It’s easy.
  • Be sure to check for notifications of when BBB publishes your review. Lennar might respond. They did to mine (not accurately though). I am not able to link directly to my review there.
  • As a side, here are the BBB ratings for the Lennar locations in Florida. As you can see, they are mostly graded as “F.” Although it didn’t surprise me after my experiences, I wish I had taken more effort to read Lennar Homes reviews before I made the commitment to purchase.
lennar homes reviews bbb lennar florida

Lennar Homes Reviews: Almost all the Lennar locations in Florida receive a grade of “F” on the Better Business Bureau reviews and complaints website.

Google reviews

Here’s how to find Lennar Homes reviews on Google.

  • Type in “Lennar Homes” and your location in the Google search bar. For example, “Lennar Homes Tampa.”
  • You’ll likely be presented with a Google Map with locations below it. If you do not immediately see your location, then select “More locations” below the map.
lennar-homes-reviews-google-search-maps-lennar tampa

Here is an example of finding Lennar reviews located in the Tampa, FL. area. If you do not immediately see your location, just select “More locations” below the map.

  • Find your Lennar Homes location. Where you see “Edit your review” in the GIF below, you’ll find “Write a review” if you haven’t already (I already did for this location).

Lennar Homes reviews on Google and Google maps. Find your location and then select “Write a review.”

  • If you write a review on a desktop, you can include images. If you write a review on your phone, you can include both images and videos.

Facebook Lennar reviews

Facebook reviews are not as thorough as other websites, but they are still helpful. Here’s how to read and submit Lennar reviews to Facebook.

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • In the search bar, type “Lennar” + your location. For example, “Lennar Tampa.”
  • Select, “Places” just under the search bar.
lennar homes reviews facebook Lennar tampa

Select “Places” just under the search bar to read and submit Lennar Homes reviews on Facebook.

  • Find your location.
  • You cannot submit pictures or videos to Facebook reviews. However, I will do an article soon on effectively posting on your social media pages regarding your Lennar experiences.
lennar homes reviews how to write one construction complaints mark metheny

Here are a list of website to submit or read Lennar Homes reviews.

Tips for writing Lennar Homes reviews

Regardless of where you submit your Lennar Homes reviews, here are some general tips to help you. If possible, I’ll also link to my reviews in the website listings below.

  • Register and log in to the websites before submitting your Lennar reviews. On more than one occasion, I spent time writing a review only to have to go through the registration process before I could submit it. There is a chance your work could be lost, so register to the review website first and then sign in to write/submit your Lennar review.
  • Use the same email address to register for each review website. This will allow you to respond to any comments the builder makes to your review. I also recommend setting up a specific folder to organize communications related to your Lennar reviews.
  • Check your email and/or SPAM folder for any confirmation emails. Many of these review websites require you to confirm your email address before they will publish your Lennar Homes reviews.
  • Provide as much detail as you can, including general dates, the neighborhood and/or general location of your Lennar home.
  • Many websites will let you include pictures or videos with your Lennar reviews. Use the media I suggested for submitting your Lennar warranty service request.
  • Avoid too much emotion, especially anger and profanity. Stay factual while accurately explaining your experiences with Lennar Homes.
  • Do a grammar and spelling check before you hit the ‘submit’ button on your Lennar reviews. I use the free tools Grammarly and Google Docs.
  • If you are submitting multiple Lennar reviews to different websites, alter each review slightly. Your review might be rejected otherwise. I have kept each review in a Google Doc and then slightly modify it before submitting to each website.
  • Once you write your review, share it on social media and tag the website if applicable. This will help get your voice heard! I’ll give tips on communicating your Lennar construction defects on social media in another article.
  • If you get resolution from Lennar, DO NOT DELETE YOUR REVIEW! Update the review to describe your resolution or mark your issues ‘resolved.’ Remember, the goal of your Lennar reviews is to educate and inform other consumers of your experience. By describing how your issues were resolved can help other homeowners in the same situation.