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Lennar Makes You “A Prisoner at Your Home” – Texas Homeowner

This Lennar Homes review comes from a homeowner in Houston, Texas and was originally posted on the Better Business Bureau website. As of the date of publishing this article, Lennar Houston has a BBB rating of ‘F.’ Some minor formatting changes and I linked to relevant Lennar construction issues I’ve had to provide context.

“This is my experience with Lennar so far. I purchased my home in October 2016, and I agreed to buy it approximately 4 months before that when there was nothing, just an empty lot. I questioned the sales representative that my impression of building a house that quick sounds like the quality is not the best and now I am thinking this is the truth.

The first week after I moved I noticed the kitchen counter facing the living room was un-even and higher in one end compared to the other end. I called and they fixed it, but it took them several days due to the nature of builder’s error, and of course, I had to be there, therefore an inconvenience and hours you take from work.

Their policy of warranty are very strict and no friendly at all if you are a single person and barely have the support of another adult to be at home for them to fix the problems.

Days after that, I had to call them again to fix a weak rod in the master bedroom closet. Again, I had to take time of my work days.

Forget about asking them [Lennar] to be flexible to accommodate one weekend and to consider an exception to their strict policy to help you request so much time from your work hours.

Now, a year after, still having issues with Lennar, now a leak in the master bedroom bathroom due that they forgot to caulk the 2nd-floor bathroom pipe which caused a leaking in the ceiling. For that fix, they are taking 3 days because they send 1 person per step to resolve and therefore more time needed. One day to fix the pipe, another to put the drywall and another to paint. These steps are needed to have the house fixed, but again, you need to ask permission at work to accommodate their policy and take time from work to be available to the people they send.

Only thing I can say is that I was happy with the finishes of the house and the neighborhood, but I have now my big doubts of their quality (behind all the make-up they put in front of the walls) and their poor customer service and poor desire to help customers to be more flexible in the time they send contractors to fix their error, by using a very strict warranty schedule of work.

So, if you have more than one adult to deal with all the errors this builder makes, plus if you like to be a prisoner at your home waiting for long window times they give you to fix their error, this is the builder you need.

Other than that I am for sure not suggesting or ever buying a house from this builder [Lennar Homes].”