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“Lennar – Never Again!” : Lennar Homeowner Review

This Lennar homeowner review comes from Texas and was originally posted on the Pissed Consumer review website. Some minor formatting and grammatical changes were made to the original review. I also added relevant links to other articles on this website to provide context.

“From prebuild to 90 days into living in the home!! Horrible experience with Eagle Mortgage to the builder [Lennar] to warranty!!!!

We have had so many things wrong with the house we are selling it & moving!!!!! Cracked counters, leaking windows, 20 holes in the roof (complete replacement from wood to shingles), no insulation over the Next Gen apartment, Mom fell because the porch step was not code (16” tall instead of 7 3/4”), tiles coming up, stove fell out onto the kitchen floor Thanksgiving Day!!!

I HATE THIS HOUSE!!!!! Fixing one thing opens another can of worms!!!!

All men coming to fix things & having to deal with a VERY CHAUVINISTIC attitude!!! I had to hire a 3rd party inspector to get them to fix everything I had problems with PLUS he found a ton of other things wrong!!!


An ironclad contract, very hard to sue!!”

You can read the original Lennar review here.