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“Lennar Should Be Punished” – Texas Homeowner

This Lennar homeowner review comes from Heartland, Texas and was originally posted on the ConsumerAffairs review website. The original review was slightly modified for minor grammatical errors and formatting. I’ve added relevant links to similar Lennar construction problems I’ve experienced in my home.

“I had my own home inspector. The report stated that the heat pump isn’t turning on and trips the circuit breaker. Handed the report to Jonathan the sales agent before my first walk-through, on my second walk thru I was told by Bill and Brad that the issue has been resolved.

So I purchase the Lennar house and moved in.

1/4/18 thermostat read 52 & 57. No matter how much I crank up the heat it’s still cold. When the HVAC repair technician came, he informed me that I’m not the first house that has the same issue and that the circuit breaker is 30 and it needs to be 50. Emailed warranty and got a call on 1/5/18 states that they work Monday to Friday 8-5.

Since I don’t have the same working days and hours I had suffered for few days and nights in this cold house.

When the warranty people came, they informed me that aside from using the wrong capacitor they also use the wrong electrical wire. I wouldn’t have known about the issue had I not hired a home inspector and had it not been pointed out.

Yes I saw that they replaced the electrical wires and the capacitor but can no longer trust them.

My biggest regret is that I trusted Lennar to do the right thing.

Lennar refuse to answer my multiple questions as to whys.

Now I’m second guessing if they truly and completely resolve the problem?

And that Lennar should be accountable, responsible and be punished accordingly.