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“Lennar Will Treat You as Another Pain in the ** Homeowner!!”

This Lennar review comes from a homeowner in Riverview, Florida and was originally posted on the ConsumerAffairs review website. Some minor formatting and grammatical changes were made to the original review.

“If an attorney is reading this please take this case!

Homes are going up fast with NO quality control available! All because you walk around “blue taping” everything in the home Lennar seems to think they are OFF the HOOK from repairing items!

Bought our home in May and everyday till today we are having issues with kitchen cabinets falling apart. Grating issues in the backyards… Grass dying no matter how much water you give it! House is 10 months old and tiles and also exterior walls are cracking! According to Lennar these are “settling cracks.” WOW… This fast?

Also, the exterior paint is chipping off the house already! When you contact Lennar they are bothered by you calling them! We have been through 5 Knowologist now. It’s a shame what we are going through!

Lennar Homes are PATCHING their work instead of building as NEW!!


We have been sick to our stomachs ever since we purchased a Lennar home. Mind you… This is our 4th home purchase. This home being the first “NEW BUILD” and we are very unhappy! Stay with an old home and fix it up!

With Lennar, you are going to replace everything within months of moving in and Lennar will simply treat you as another pain in the ** homeowner!!”