Lights Dim and Flicker – Electrical Problems | My Lennar Home

Lights Dim and Flicker Throughout House

I started noticing electrical problems early on in my newly constructed Lennar home at the Westshore Yacht Club. The TV would turn off and on each time the air conditioner started. The same happens to all the lights near the A/C – the lights dim and flicker as soon as the A/C system is started. Two A/V units have been destroyed (probably also attributed to multiple floods in that area caused by an improperly installed A/C unit, and as you can see, my lights flicker and dim.

The electrical problems worsen as time goes on – and it has only been three years. This is one of many issues that were to be examined during additional inspections. However, those inspections never occurred when Lennar essentially went silent for no apparent reason.

These are the same people who tried to put electrical outlets under the utility room sink for my A/V equipment. Once I explained numerous times why it was an issue, they thanked me during the construction of the home.

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