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I Answer Mark Metheny’s Question – “How Can We Make This Right?”

In a follow-up call with just us, I answer the question that Mark Metheny, a Lennar senior-executive, asked me on March 2 – “How can we make this right?”

On March 2, 2017, Mark Metheny along with two of his senior executives at Lennar met at my house to discuss the extensive ongoing issues in my new-construction home. The question he left me to answer was how Lennar could make all this right since the takeover of WCI Communities.

After some coordination, we scheduled the call for the afternoon of March 9, 2017.

mark metheny email confirming march 7 call - lennar homes

Mark Metheny email to me confirming when he would call me on March 7, 2017.

confirming receipts of mark metheny email to call lennar homes

My email to Mark Metheny confirming our call.

In summary, I told him that I wanted a buyout from Lennar. Here was my reasoning:

  • It was approaching 4.5 years since I closed on a Lennar new construction home. The issues started the first weekend I was in the home. I was exhausted from dealing with it all at this point.
  • Because of the extent of the construction issues, it was obvious the home should never have been delivered in the first place.
  • Regardless of what repairs were made at this point, the home would never be able to be sold at anywhere near the full-market price.
  • Even if the repairs were made, because of Florida seller-disclosure laws, it would likely need to be a cash buyer. Even then there were questions as to whether a buyer would be able to obtain an insurance policy for the property.
  • I already made an attempt to list it and agents were reluctant because of potential post-sale liability with the extent of the disclosures.
  • My health and happiness had long taken a hit in all of this because of the lack of action from WCI Communities (now Lennar Homes). The thought of living through months of repairs (there were more than 80 Lennar construction issues at this point), then jumping through extreme hoops just to try and get the house listed and sold, exhausted me beyond belief.
  • I had already spent an obscene amount of money in legal, repairs, lost time at work and other expenditureslennar-homes-builder-construction-issues-expenses
      Ongoing direct and indirect expenses from my new construction Lennar home.

Mark Metheny stated he was not aware of any case that Lennar did a buy-back of a home. He indicated it was out of his realm of authority to authorize, but would start bringing the proposal to his leaders.

I thanked him for that and he said he would be in touch soon.  The call from Mark Metheny lasted 13 minutes.

Mark Metheny Call Log March 7 2017 - Lennar Homes

I told Mark Metheny of Lennar during our 13-minute call that I wanted a buy-back from Lennar at this point.

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