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Mark Metheny – Lennar Wants to Inspect Construction Issues

After telling Mark Metheny of Lennar that I wanted to a buyout from all the construction issues, he requests additional home inspections. Ultimately it was all a waste of time by these Lennar executives. Why? Because they stopped responding and didn’t make a single repair. Here’s what happened.

Two days after our telephone conversation, Mark Metheny sends this email on March 9, 2017, asking to allow Lennar to make additional home inspections (links added to give you context to other matters and were not included in the original communication from Lennar’s Mark Metheny):

“Mr Fannin – thank you again for your time in meeting and earlier this week on the phone.

What I would like to do as a next step is to have one of our senior construction associates, Rick Hudak, who has been with us for over thirty years and is the Director of our Quality Assurance team, accompany a couple of contractors to perform some additional inspections. Specifically, I would like to have an air conditioning and electrical contractor, that have otherwise had no involvement in your home, perform a new, fresh inspection of your home.

I’ve not yet been able to pull all of the files on your home, but as I understand, the chapter 558 legal matters are still outstanding. Therefore while I have a recommended course, I do need to let you know that this course does not suggest that we agree that there are any defects or are agreeing to any repairs, at this time. Additionally, in response to your request to repurchase your home, while as I mentioned this is an unlikely outcome, before we could even consider something such as this, we would need to better understand the issues you’ve raised by inspecting.

If you’re agreeable to Rick coordinating those inspections, please let me know and I will have him reach out to you directly.

Thank you and have a great week

Mark Metheny
Division President – Lennar Central Florida”

mark metheny request for lennar home inspection

Mark Metheny requests permission to allow Lennar to conduct additional home inspections.

He copied Jim Yeadon – Lennar Director of Customer Relations and Steve Smith – Lennar Director of Construction on the email as well. This would be one of the last Lennar communications that Jim Yeadon was copied on (to my knowledge) until several months later in August of 2017.

Here is more information from before about the 558 process for construction defects.

Keep in mind that at this point, I had already been through dozens of home inspections, countless repairs and spent tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees. However, I wanted to give Lennar a chance since their takeover of WCI Communities. I at least owed them that.

My response to Mark Metheny’s request for home inspections:

“Mark –
Thank you for the thorough response – especially as I know you are preparing for a well-deserved vacation.
I did not realize the 558 was still outstanding as I thought it had expired? And understand the response.
I am very much agreeable to working with Rick to coordinate the inspections. Feel free to have him reach out to me either via email or at 312-636-5747.
Mark and team – I very much appreciate your continued efforts in looking into this.
Very best,
response to mark metheny request for inspection

My response allowing Lennar to make additional home inspections, as requested by Mark Metheny – Regional President of Lennar.

Rick Hudak of Lennar and I coordinate the scheduling of home inspections

Here is the chain of emails to and from Rick Hudak, Director of Quality Assurance with Lennar, to schedule additional home inspections. The primary focus of the inspections would be of electrical and A/C issues (I’ve had close to 20 A/C malfunctions in almost 4.5 years at this point).

The inspections would be conducted by Lennar ‘partners’ Bayonet Heating and Air-Conditioning and Edmonson Electric.

Note: As of the date of this publication, all the Lennar executives went silent and none of the construction repairs were ever made, including the promised replacements of two, improperly installed and defective A/C units causing extensive mold exposure and health issues.

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