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Message to Mayor Buckhorn – “Can You Please Help?”

I sent my first message to Tampa Mayor, Bob Buckhorn, on October 16 and through his public Facebook page. My message overall message was: –

Can you please help?

Here is my message to him:

Honorable Mayor, I’m running out of everything including hope. I live your city and have gone to everyone I can think of and nobody will do anything, including a complaint filed by the Attorney General against the builder Lennar.

This will give you a small idea of what’s happened in 4.5 years. I’m getting more sick, I’m not alone and the builder effectively stopped after they found out how deep and bad it is.

They just stopped communicating.

Can you please help?


Kris Fannin

I also included a link to a recent post I made on my Facebook page:

I received this automated message back from Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s Facebook Messenger app:

Thanks for contacting my Facebook page. If this is a matter involving the City, please go to and click on the link for the customer service center. This will ensure your issue is dealt with in a timely fashion. Thank you.

I then sent back another message from my Facebook page:

facebook message 1 to mayor bob buckhorn lennar complaints 10162017

My first Facebook message to Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn asking for help.

facebook message 2 to mayor bob buckhorn lennar complaints 10162017

The second part of my first message to Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn through his Facebook page. As you can see the message was indicated as ‘Seen.’

As indicated in the screenshots, the message has a status as ‘Seen’ by him or those who manage his Facebook page.

I did not receive a message of any kind back from Mayor Buckhorn.

Part of the purpose of this site is to let it be a digital archive of communications and ongoing Lennar construction issues so that I don’t have to explain all of it. Living the last several years in a defective Lennar home has not only been exhausting, it’s worn on my health and the health of others. So, once I started organizing and publishing information, I reached out to Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn through and found a contact form there to contact the Mayor’s office.

Message to Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s Office

On November 8, 2017, I sent a message to Mr. Buckhorn’s office through the website portal. Here is the message:

As requested, I sent a message to Mayor Buckhorn through his Facebook page regarding a situation with my builder that’s causing me to become sicker as well as others that come into my home. I have heard nothing back.

I am not longer sure what to do here. I have a builder who has witnessed all sorts of mold, plus 80+ ongoing construction defects. They want to replace the A/C systems (finally after all these years – I’ve had 25 A/C malfunctions in just over four years), but is doing nothing about the mold that’s developed. The systems were not properly installed by them in 2013.

I have started documenting everything, including my communications on an organized website. I simply cannot explain everything that has happened in 4.5 years in a quick conversation or email. Here is the site:

There is an ongoing investigation by the Attorney General, but I simply cannot keep doing this. My life has continued to change since I bought a new construction home from Lennar.

Can you please help in some way?

Let me know what other information you might need to help.

Thank you for your consideration.
Kris Fannin

TampaGov Message - Confirmation to Mayor Bob Buckhorn Tampa Lennar Construction Issues-1

First part of the confirmation I received for my message to Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

TampaGov Message - Confirmation to Mayor Bob Buckhorn Tampa Lennar Construction Issues-2

The second part of the confirmation I received for my message to Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

The total estimated cost to repair all the Lennar construction defects is nearly $300,000, which includes extensive mold remediation throughout the new construction home. Although the builder acknowledged the construction issues, the senior executives I was working with eventually went silent and ignored all Lennar home warranty requests and repairs. None of the warranty repairs were ever made by Lennar.

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