“House is a Health Hazard” – Lennar Homeowner | My Lennar Home

“My Health is More Important Than This House” – Lennar Florida Homeowner

This Lennar Homes homeowner review comes from Miami, Florida and originally appeared on the Pissed Consumer website. Minor formatting and grammatical changes were made to the original review. I also included relevant links to similar Lennar Homes construction defects I’ve experienced in my home.

“I know these houses are mass produced but I had high hopes for Lennar.

I should’ve read reviews 1st before I made my decision but its too late now.

If Lennar will give me ALL my money back I would gladly give them the keys.

Here’s my story: I recently bought a townhouse at ARTESA community.

Upon initial inspection found lots of paint/grout ran-off & construction dust inside & out especially windows. Stove has dent, kitchen countertop kick panel has water damage, garage door opens rough & sometimes stop halfway, front door hard to open & close, I had ceramic floor upgrade as well as quartz counter top & workmanship is definitely not topnotch not the worst either but you could see vanity mirror not centered, some doors not square to the frame & some tile are not completely leveled . It’s mass-produced after all.

But here’s the biggest kicker, 2 weeks after moving in,  countertop outlets (3 each) has no power, no GFI reset. After another week all outlets in the kitchen are out, then I discovered water damaged from the cabinets where the microwave was plug-in. Long story short that was the cause of all outlets being shorted out and all GFI will not reset.

We pulled out all outlets & sheetrock behind it looks like mud from all the water collected.

They open a whole to the ceiling and kitchen wall to determine where the leak is coming from, after few days of dust and open walls they concluded its not plumbing or roof or stucco issue but condensation due to thin insulation and hollow space between cinder blocks (that side of the wall is exposed to sunlight from sunrise to mid-day).

Next week they told me they will pump foam & close -up the wall.

I was furious knowing the moisture will still build up & will be absorbed by foam causing mold issues few months or years from now when the warranty expires.

My health is more important than this house and I’ll do everything in my power to let the public know apparently there is a high percentage of such Lennar complaints & issues. This is a health hazard and should not be tolerated.