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Nightmare Lennar Home Buying Experience

These Lennar Homes reviews come from Dayton, Nevada and were originally posted on Facebook. The original reviews were slightly altered for formatting and grammatical errors.

Lennar is not there for you after the sale

“Had some repair issues. I had to contact corporate office to get it fixed. People in the office in Dayton ignored me when I called.

Also, Lennar uses everything included as a selling tactic, well let me tell you that not true. The houses have no gutters, you have to seal all the tile yourself. The backyard is not done and you only get two water faucets one in the back and one in the front.

Cement and all the Stucco has cracks that Lennar won’t repair unless it’s a huge crack!!

We have a broken board under the eve out front that needed to be replaced and Lennar came out and put white putty on it and left it that way.


You need to watch out for this company they take shortcuts! There all oh so sweet when your buying but they’re not there for you afterward.

The original review can be found here.

What you see isn’t always what you get with Lennar

“What you see isn’t always what you get. Investigate builders carefully before you make a decision. I wish we had been given that advice and here is why.

Now it is in the court’s hands because our builder [Lennar Homes] refused to fix, repair or otherwise make right items under warranty that inspectors deemed defective.

Google is your friend … Look up complaints against the builder’s names [Lennar] and other sites that will tell you the same thing.

Good Luck with your home buying experience. Ours has been a nightmare.

The original review can be found here.