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Noxious Fumes From Pipes and Broken Drain Stop

There are noxious fumes coming from the pipes under the sink at 6111 Yeats Manor in the upstairs bathroom as well as a broken drain stop Lennar says they fixed.

Back during our March meeting at my home, Jim Yeadon of Lennar attempted to fix a bathroom drain stop that has never worked correctly. The builder replaced it once before back in 2013. Although a good try, the fix didn’t work and now the drain won’t lift at all.

Around that same time, a weird smell started happening. I didn’t know where it was coming from until I opened the cabinets under the sink. It was definitely coming from there. The noxious fumes coming from under there have now required me to keep the door closed, put a towel under the door and run a fan facing it to keep the fumes from bothering me while I work. The fumes irritate my eyes and give me headaches.

That pretty much makes that restroom unusable amongst the other issues in there.

Although Lennar indicated on my ongoing construction problems spreadsheet that the repair had been made during the first round of inspections, that simply didn’t happen. It’s one of many items that were confusing and contradicting during the first conference call to discuss the inspection reports, and why Richard Hudak of Lennar (the only person in attendance at the inspections, but not invited to the first conference call) attended the second conference call.

We never made it through to that item on the long list we had to work through, so Mark Metheny requested additional inspections that never happened. It was one of many items that we were supposed to revisit before the three of them became absolutely silent for no apparent reason.

The repair has still not been completed, but the fumes continue to get worse.

Oh and pardon the mosquitoes all around the drain. They seem to be permanent residents of my Lennar home.

Note: As of the date of this publication, all the Lennar executives went silent and none of the construction repairs were ever made, including the promised replacements of two, improperly installed and defective A/C units causing extensive mold exposure and health issues.