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Our Lennar Home is Covered in Mold – Artesa Miami

This Lennar Homes review comes from a homeowner in Miami, Florida (Lennar Artesa development) and was originally posted on Facebook. Some minor formatting changes and I linked to relevant Lennar construction issues I’ve had to provide context.

“Buyers Beware!!!


We have been living for almost a year now in a brand new home from Lennar’s newest development in Miami, Artesa and just like many of the other residents in this community we have had nothing but issues!

Lennar’s homes are constructed using cheap materials and are of poor craftsmanship.

I will start by mentioning the simpler defects….uneven floors, uneven pavers, cracking floors/tiles, baseboards falling off, loose toilets, cabinets peeling, stair steps caving in, paint chipping on doors, etc.

Now on to the bigger issues – AC units too small for the home, ductwork improperly sealed, major condensation leakages, and worst of all MOLD!!!! Our home is covered in mold!

My entire family is sick and I have been hospitalized with bronchitis and laryngitis. These homes are so cheaply made by the drunk contractors they hire that in less than a year the house is already falling apart!

After the one year warranty period Lennar wipes their hands clean and tells you to fix it on your own. Thousands of dollars later here we are still trying to fix these issues due to cheap construction.

I urge all buyers to heed the warning.

Additionally, they lie to the consumer selling a “small gated community” to entice buyers with the idea of living in a smaller development, only to now tell us they will be adding a second phase to our gated community which is already poorly managed and overcrowded with a clubhouse that is way too small.

Do not waste your money. While these homes look pretty on the outside they are a cancer wearing make up! See for yourselves:

lennar artesa miami home covered in mold lennar reviews mark metheny

Picture from a Lennar homeowner with mold issues. The Lennar community is the Artesa in Miami, FL. Unfortunately, all too many Lennar homeowners have issues with mold.

Did Lennar fix A/C and mold issues? No.

When one commenter on the Facebook post asked if Lennar made this right, the original poster responded with:

Nope! They said the home was out of the one year warranty period and that an insurance claim should be filed. Everything was repaired out of pocket.”

lennar artesa miami mold issues lennar warranty reviews

A Lennar homeowner’s response to the question, “Did they make this right for you?”

As I’ve written about in the past, we have very few consumer protections with a new construction home and the typical Lennar warranty doesn’t even give you as much coverage as the warranty for a new car.

The entire post and related comments by the Lennar homeowner can be found here.