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People Get Sick in My Lennar Home

The saying, “Hindsight is 2020” is especially true when it comes to the health issues several people have experienced in my Lennar home. Anyone who spent a significant amount of time here, all started experiencing similar symptoms and illnesses.

Although there were constant construction issues since I closed on a new construction home in May 2013, none of us had a clue that any of them might be making me – and others – sick. I think it’s one of those things you just think ‘can’t happen’ because it’s so unimaginable that it can – and often does happen.

But again, it’s much easier to put it together in hindsight than when it’s happening. After my health started taking a real turn and I became sicker more often, I started to put more of this together, along with the help of several others who have all experienced similar illnesses.

Friend – 3 visits and 3 illnesses

I have one friend who visited three times: late-summer 2014, winter of 2014 and the last time in the spring of 2015. Each time she was here (multiple nights each time), she began getting severe swelling, inflammation and sometimes just an overall feeling of not being well. It was worse the last time she was here.

Each time she left, the symptoms and illnesses soon left as well.

Here are some pictures she took of her feet during her last visit. This happened each time she was here. The picture on the left is her normal foot. The right is her swollen and inflamed foot.

lennar home health hazard mold exposure construction issues 4

Each time my friend stayed in my Lennar home, she experienced the same symptoms. They went away when she left the home.

lennar home health hazard mold exposure construction issues

Each time my friend stayed in my Lennar home, she experienced the same symptoms and illness. They went away when she left the home.

lennar home health hazard mold exposure construction issues 3

Several people have all experienced the same symptoms and illnesses after spending more time in my Lennar home. This friend had the same symptoms each time she visited.

lennar home health hazard mold exposure construction issues 5

People get sick after staying in my new construction Lennar home for too long. Common symptoms include swelling, information, headaches, and cold and flu symptoms. They go away after spending time away from the home.

My friend would sleep in the guest retreat (also my office) but also spend a significant time in the main house. I started documenting if it was a particular part of the house where this was occurring.

Needless to say, she hasn’t been back to my Lennar home at the Westshore Yacht Club.

A tale of two assistants

During the course of my time here, I’ve had two separate assistants that both spent a significant amount of time in my home. Here’s the catch – they were here at different times and neither knows the other. One was here from April 2014-December 2014. The other was here from January 2015-November 2015.

Both complained of the same symptoms and illnesses that included:

  • Body aches and sometimes flu-like symptoms.
  • Inflammation, swelling and bloating. Both complained at one point of putting on unexplained weight and their clothes not fitting as well as before.
  • GI issues, including irritable bowel symptoms.
  • Congestion and sinus infections.
  • Upper-respiratory infections.

Both of them indicate going back to ‘normal’ over a period of time of not being in the home. None of us started putting any of this together until more recently.

One spent more time in the main house. The other spent most of the time in the guest retreat/office.

Two miscarriages

This one breaks my heart. I can’t know how much this environment impacted their pregnancies, but there is just too much coincidence with both miscarriages.

Both were around the same age, both had two children previously, neither had a miscarriage before this time, and both were able to have a baby again after staying out of my Lennar home.

All of these instances, people were experiencing similar symptoms. The places in the house that they spent the most time were all different.

The only similarities in the two locations (main house vs guest retreat/office) are the visible mold, countless A/C issues, the mosquitoes everywhere, metal corrosion issues, and the land on top of which this house is built.

Lennar knows about each of these cases and the similar symptoms. During our conference calls, I was constantly reassured that any water damage and mold remediation that needed to happen would happen. In fact, Mark Metheny of Lennar wanted to bring in an environmental company, but they went silent for some time after this suggestion. Lennar has a pattern of going silent, especially when it has to do with construction issues that might be impacting health.

The inspections never happened.

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Posted by Courtney Wiest on Monday, December 11, 2017

Note: As of the date of this publication, all the Lennar executives went silent and none of the construction repairs were ever made, including the promised replacements of two, improperly installed and defective A/C units causing extensive mold exposure and health issues.