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Poor Quality and Customer Service Is a Joke – Lennar Texas Homeowner

This Lennar Texas review is from a homeowner in Fort Worth and originally appeared on the Better Business Bureau website. Minor formatting and grammatical changes have been made.

“The homes are poor quality and the customer service is a joke. We had a third party perform an inspection to prepare for our 1-year service call.

80+ pages of repairs needed!

When walking through the request/findings with Tanya (our service rep) she was rude and her answer to 90% of the findings was, “Well the City of Fort Worth signed off on it” or “What is it you want us to do about it?” That’s the response we got after she ignored several phone calls and text from my husband.

After all is said and done we are still waiting for technicians to show up to make the few repairs they actually agreed too.

The best part is we have taken several days off of work to meet contractors only to find out the appointments were either never made or they were called to another job and Lennar doesn’t find it necessary to inform us until after we call to find out why the techs are an hour late!

Bottom line… we should have cut our losses in the beginning and gone with another builder and every chance I get I will do my best to deter anyone from buying with Lennar.”