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The Slanted Garage Ceiling – Lennar Roof Flashing Issue

Within the first two years of living in my new construction Lennar home, I noticed the garage severely slanted across two walls. The pictures below speak for themselves:


According to Lennar, the slanted garage floors are attributed to improperly installed flashing at the time of construction.


Water intrusion damage caused by improperly installed roof flashing.

Water damage caused by improperly installed roof flashing by Lennar. My home office is directly above this.

Water damage caused by improperly installed roof flashing by Lennar. My home office is directly above this.

garage water damage roof flashing lennar construction issues3

Improperly installed flashing by the builder – Lennar – has caused extensive water damage in the garage. The roof is literally tilted. My home office is directly above this.

garage water damage slanting ceiling improper roof flashing lennar construction issues

A slightly different angle of the garage door. This damage was caused by leaks caused by improperly installed roof flashing at the admission of Lennar. My home office is directly above this.

According to Lennar, this is the result of water leaks and damage caused by improperly installed roof flashing at the time of construction. This ceiling is also the floor of my office/guest retreat. There have been indications of damage to that floor as well, potentially due to the moisture and damage from the leaks as well as flooding that occurs on the garage floor when it rains.

In addition to the slanted roof, the garage door makes a creaking sound for apparently for no reason. As you’ll see in the video below, there is no wind, but a loud creaking movement noise coming from the garage. It has still not been determined if these issues are connected.

I am not one to complain… but we have been jerked around so much and I still have a giant hole in my garage. At this…

Posted by Jenna Weiss on Friday, January 5, 2018

Note: As of the date of this publication, all the Lennar executives went silent and none of the construction repairs were ever made, including the promised replacements of two, improperly installed and defective A/C units causing extensive mold exposure and health issues.

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Here is the history on this issue that’s gone on for several years.

Here’s the summary of all of the construction issues I keep in a spreadsheet.

*Note: For simplicity, the Lennar and WCI Communities names here are used interchangeably as Lennar took over WCI in February of 2017.

Quick Lennar Construction Issues Timeline

2013-2014 – First issues were reported to WCI. The initial responses were from Joel Fedora who is now a Vice President of Construction with Lennar.

Late-2014 – Towards the end of the year, I retained Amanda Buffinton (at the time a shareholder at Bush Ross) to start working the legal side of the issues, because nothing was getting resolved. The first Lennar in-house legal response happens around this time.

July 2015 – The case expands and WCI moves the case from in-house to outside legal. The outside legal responses are from this time.

September 2015 – Amanda Buffington files a 558 complaint against WCI/Lennar to start the process of filing a construction lawsuit.

October 2015 – Lennar’s outside legal sends a response to the 558 complaint. Their response was completely untrue. It’s the same attorney who provided the first outside legal response in July 2015.

Slanting garage ceiling description

Where the garage meets the top of the ceiling is uneven in nature. When looking at the top of the garage, one can see that it is uneven. Additionally, the garage moves even when it is not windy. There is light coming through the sides and bars of the garage door. Mr. Fannin demands that WCI repair this issue.

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Original response to the slanting garage ceiling by Joel Fedora

None – this issue was discovered after the Lennar construction issues began being handled by their inside legal counsel.

Lennar in-house legal response for slanting garage ceiling issue

D&D to adjust garage doors.

Amanda Buffinton legal response to Lennar about slanting garage ceiling issue

Resolved. Mr. Fannin accepts this response; however, he reserves his rights.

Buffinton response to Lennar outside legal (prior to filing the 558)

Same as above.

Final WCI outside legal response to 558 complaint

WCI offered to resolve this item but the Homeowner canceled the repair.

Note: This is not true at all. See: WCI (Now Lennar Homes) Lied in Their Legal Response. Why?

Lennar executive’s response on 5/22/2017

This will be addressed with the related issues to leaks and water damage caused by improperly installed roof flashing during construction.

water intrusion bad flashing water damage lennar construction problems

As time goes by, the Lennar construction defect of improperly installed roof flashing causes more water damage from leaks.