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Bob Buckhorn – Tampa Mayor

Tampa Mayor, Bob Buckhorn is one of many government officials and offices I have reached out to for help in my ongoing construction issues with the Lennar home builder. The issues have been going on for years and have greatly impacted my health as well as the health of others who spend time at my Lennar home.

Bob Buckhorn’s office is primarily responsible for issuing permits and ensuring the construction meets code.

mayor buckhorn tampa office response to lennar complaints

The total estimated cost to repair all the Lennar construction defects is nearly $300,000, which includes extensive mold remediation throughout the new construction home. Although the builder acknowledged the construction issues, the senior executives I was working with eventually went silent and ignored all Lennar home warranty requests and repairs.

Even with all the documented structural defects in the home, Bob Buckhorn’s office maintains that the home met home construction codes and passed inspection.

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