Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi | My Lennar Home

Florida Attorney General

Pam Bondi is currently the Florida Attorney General. I have had several communications with the Office of Florida Attorney General in both asking for guidance and filing complaints with her office and various divisions she in the state of Florida.

Pam Bondi has put virtually no consumer protections into place for homeowners buying new construction homes in Florida.

The total estimated cost to repair all the Lennar construction defects is nearly $300,000 (nearly 70% of the home purchase price), which includes extensive mold remediation throughout the new construction home. Although the builder acknowledged the construction issues, the senior executives I was working with eventually went silent and ignored all Lennar home warranty requests and repairs.

The office of Pam Bondi – Attorney General of Florida – indicated there was nothing they could do to help. That must stop.

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These are the articles and communications that deal with the Office of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi as it relates to my Lennar home in the Westshore Yacht Club neighborhood.