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Tapering Kit for Bathtub Needed to Avoid Water Collection

Under master bathroom bathtub a tapering kit should have been installed to avoid excess water collecting under the constructed bathtub in a new Lennar home.

This was one of the many issues we were going to revisit during additional inspections and before Lennar basically went silent.

Here’s the summary of the issue from all of Lennar construction issues I keep in a spreadsheet.

Note: As of the date of this publication, all the Lennar executives went silent and none of the construction repairs were ever made, including the promised replacements of two, improperly installed and defective A/C units causing extensive mold exposure and health issues.

*Note: For simplicity, the Lennar and WCI Communities names here are used interchangeably as Lennar took over WCI in February of 2017.

Quick Lennar Construction Issues Timeline

2013-2014 – First issues were reported to WCI. The initial responses were from Joel Fedora who is now a Vice President of Construction with Lennar.

Late-2014 – Towards the end of the year, I retained Amanda Buffinton (at the time a shareholder at Bush Ross) to start working the legal side of the issues, because nothing was getting resolved. The first Lennar in-house legal response happens around this time.

July 2015 – The case expands and WCI moves the case from in-house to outside legal. The outside legal responses are from this time.

September 2015 – Amanda Buffington files a 558 complaint against WCI/Lennar to start the process of filing a construction lawsuit.

October 2015 – Lennar’s outside legal sends a response to the 558 complaint. Their response was completely untrue. It’s the same attorney who provided the first outside legal response in July 2015.

Bathtub tapering kit issue description

It was recommended that below/under the master bathroom bathtub should have been installed a tapering kit to avoid excess water collecting under constructed bathtub which could lead to bacteria and mold growing inside pocket/open areas which may also contribute to the sewage smell which leaks from the shower drain.

Original response to bathtub tapering kit issue from Joel Fedora

WCI will have a plumber look at this issue and address if warrantable.

Lennar in-house legal response to bathtub tapering kit issue

WCI will schedule RT Moore to inspect and repair if not installed properly. Camera may be used to view drain line to ensure proper pitch.

Amanda Buffinton legal response to Lennar about bathtub tapering kit issue

Accepted. This is likely related to the slope issue with the shower and the smell that is occurring.

Buffinton response to Lennar outside legal (prior to filing the 558)

Resolved. Mr. Fannin reserves his rights.

Final WCI outside legal response to 558 complaint

WCI offered to resolve this item but the Homeowner canceled the repair.

Note: This is not true at all. See: WCI (Now Lennar Homes) Lied in Their Legal Response. Why?

Lennar executive’s response on 5/22/2017

No issue found with tub. No action to be taken.

My note: This was to be revisited based on tests performed at future inspections. Those inspections never happened.