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The Sloping Balcony – It Continues to Get Worse

People don’t like to go outside on my balcony at 6111 Yeats Manor Drive as of late. It continues to slope downward. They feel unsafe. Who could blame them?

Although the balcony should slope for rain runoff, it shouldn’t be this steep, and it shouldn’t continue to get steeper. It slopes in the same direction as the sloping garage ceiling caused by improperly installed flashing

Oh – and notice the different color floor. That’s a perfect example of a ‘repair’ organized by Joel Fedora. Note: I put no pressure to start the bottle rolling. I simply place is down on the balcony.

When I showed this video during my first meeting with the Lennar executives at my house, Mark Metheny, Steve Smith and Jim Yeadon all got excited at once proclaiming,

That’s normal! It’s supposed to keep water from collecting on the balcony. You want it to be like that.

It was like they all just one something because it was one of over 80 recorded construction defects they could solve for at the time. BTW – water still accumulates in parts of the balcony nearer the wall. Nobody could explain why after they just told me this was designed to prevent just that from happening.

I wanted to trust and believe them, but because this was one of the many issues we were going to revisit during additional inspections and before Lennar basically went silent, I tend to believe what I was originally told:

This is in fact not normal because it hasn’t always been this noticeably steep.