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Tips and Tools for Submitting a Lennar Warranty Service Request

With more than 80 construction defects in my home, here is a step-by-step guide with tools to organize all the Lennar service requests and warranty claims you’ll inevitably file with the builder.

Since I closed on a new construction Lennar home in 2013, filing and fighting Lennar warranty service requests have become a second job for me. As a reminder, I have more than 80 outstanding new construction defects and Lennar home warranty claims totaling nearly $300,000.

I’ll quickly walk you through some tips and tools for organizing and submitting a Lennar service request. These tips will also help you stay organized for any Lennar reviews and complaints you decide to submit. I hope this helps you!

Take pictures and videos of every Lennar warranty item

Before submitting a Lennar service request, take multiple pictures and at least one video of every defect you notice. This allows you to keep ‘evidence’ of each item and have multiple types of media for each warranty claim you submit.

While filming the video, state the current date and briefly describe the item.

I highly recommend Google Photos for organizing and storing all of your media related to your Lennar customer service requests. I would start an album in Google Photos and store each picture and video related to your warranty claims. Here is an example of a Google Photos album I have for each Lennar warranty service request I have submitted.

You can then share a link to the entire album or individual pictures and videos when you are submitting your warranty claim request.

lennar warranty service request google photos

Google Photos is a great way to organize the media related to your Lennar warranty service requests. You can easily share a link to the album or an individual item when you are filing the warranty claim.

Record your Lennar warranty service request in a spreadsheet

Record each Lennar service request in a spreadsheet as you will likely have multiple and ongoing warranty repairs over time. Here is a spreadsheet I developed to keep track of my Lennar warranty service request items. You can make a copy of this spreadsheet and rename it for your own use.

You might consider including the following fields of information:

  • Warranty service request item and description.
  • Date you submitted the Lennar warranty service request.
  • Links to the pictures and videos you have on the warranty request.
  • Dates and links to any follow-up communications by Lennar (I’ll give you some tools I use to link to emails).
  • Date of resolution and repair (if any).

You’ll see in the spreadsheet I use that I include each response from Lennar. I did that because Lennar would use a different explanation every time I spoke with them.

Just like in Google Photos, you can easily share a link to the spreadsheet – just make sure that anyone with a link cannot modify or edit your spreadsheet.

Use tools to keep all call logs and emails related to Lennar customer service requests

I have kept every call log, SMS and email related to Lennar since 2013. I have thousands of them and I recommend you keep every communication related to your Lennar warranty service requests. Lennar has a tendency to conveniently ‘forget’ or start ignoring customers, so this will arm you with the information you need.

For call log and SMS backup, I use an application on my Android phone call SMS Backup +. This application syncs my call logs and SMS to both my Gmail and Google Calendar which allows you to also search for these communications as well.

I make emails ‘linkable’ in Gmail and Inbox by Gmail by using a free application called Mixmax. This application also allows you to track email opens and link clicks as well. Once it is installed, you’ll see a “Share this email” link. Just click that to copy a link to the specific email to send to someone or place the link in the spreadsheet you developed above.

lennar warranty service request Mixmax email tool

Link to emails related to your Lennar warranty service requests by using this free tool for Gmail and Inbox by Gmail.

Submit your Lennar warranty service request

Once you have documented everything related to your Lennar warranty service request, it’s time to submit it through their website.

lennar customer care service request lennar website

  1. Click on “Customer care & warranty.”
  2. Sign in with your existing account or create a new one.
  3. Fill out all the relevant fields.
  4. Be sure to include links to the pictures and videos you captured.
  5. Take a screenshot of the service request before submitting the request and be sure to add it to the photo album you developed.
  6. If you have installed Mixmax, include a link to the confirmation email you receive in the spreadsheet you developed.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in submitting and organizing your Lennar warranty service requests. It’s sad that you’ve spent all this money and have to put in this effort, but I’ve learned the hard way it’s best if you document everything.

Still not getting resolution for your warranty claim? Here are tips, tools, and websites for submitting Lennar Homes reviews. Check back, as I’ll give you some tips on how to contact Lennar through social media as well.