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Not Impressed With Lennar’s Customer Service – Texas Homeowner

This Lennar Homes review comes from a homeowner in Houston, Texas and was originally posted on Facebook. Some minor formatting changes and I linked to relevant Lennar construction issues I’ve had to provide context.

“We have a Lennar home that is less than 1 year old just south of Houston, TX.

During our freeze episode two weeks ago, one of our windows cracked – all the way across the upper pane. Now we are being told we have to pay to have it replaced.

lennar houston texas review windows cracked

Why did a new window crack like this? Why is this not covered under our 1-year warranty? Every time it freezes is there a chance every window in our house could crack?! What do northern states do with much colder weather?

Unfortunately, there was someone else in our neighborhood with the exact same problem. It seems like some sort of manufacturer’s defect to me.

cracked window lennar houston homeowner review

It’s extremely disappointing and frustrating when companies don’t stand behind their products and the products they choose to use in homes. Having worked in the home building industry for 7+ years, I couldn’t believe the response we received after submitting the warranty claim.

Plus the warranty gentleman in our community pretended that no one else had the same issue. When we told him their name he mumbled

“Oh, yeah I did talk to them.”

There is something to be said about good customer service, and so far I have not been impressed with your company’s ability to provide that.”

You can read the original Facebook post here.

lennar homeowner houston texas cracked window review