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Lennar Homeowner in Texas: “Run Away From This Company”

This homeowner review comes from Texas and was originally posted on the Pissed Consumer review website. It has been one problem after another with Lennar. From roof leaks to flooring issues, this homeowner has many issues in a new construction Lennar home – including the HOA.

The original review has been modified for formatting and some minor grammatical corrections. I included relevant links to some of the same Lennar construction issues I’ve had and to provide you additional context.

“I would suggest not buying a home from Lennar.

The contractors they use are not the best.

I purchased my home in 2013, in 2015 my roof started leaking, they came out and looked and said they found nothing wrong. I had to call a roofer out to find the leak. The ridge vent was not put on the roof correctly, That cost over $800.00 to repair.

One of my front windows casing was broken when we first moved in and their answer was to put caulking on it. I did manage to get it replaced 2 months later and no cost to me, but 3 years ago that same window developed a leak and caused over $600.00 in damage that Lennar said was not their responsibility.

The lights in both of my bathrooms fell out of the wall, I fixed them myself. They were not installed correctly to begin with.

My carpet was replaced one year after moving in because it was not installed correctly and still is correct.

My floor in my living room is not level, I discovered this when I put up an entertainment center I had to use plywood to level the entertainment center. The floor is over 3/4″ out of level.

It has been one problem after another with Lennar.

When we first moved in the could not tell us who are HOA representative was or who to make the payments to. Three months after moving in we owed for 3 months of HOA fees.

Run, Run, Run away from this company.