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Lennar Doesn’t Accept Responsibility for the Problems They Create

This Lennar homes review comes from Naples, Floria and was originally posted on Facebook. Some minor formatting and grammatical changes were made to the original posting.

“Do yourself a favor and NEVER go through Lennar to build a house.

Of course, it’s a dream to be in a position to build a brand new house but the headaches you’ll have to deal with and the lack of responsibility Lennar is willing to accept for the problems they created is not worth it. Three years later and we’re still dealing with problems that weren’t fixed correctly and then have to wait for over a month for someone to call – just to tell you that it’s not their problem.

I’m willing to pay what it cost to build my house in attorney fees because it’s so ridiculous.

Contact me – I’ll be more than happy to tell you my story to save you the headache!”