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I Simply Can’t Emphasize How Much I Regret Buying This House: Lennar Homeowner

This Lennar homeowner review comes from Miami, FL – near Miramar –  and was originally posted on the Pissed Consumer review website. The original review has been modified for formatting and some minor grammatical corrections. I included relevant links to some of the same Lennar construction issues I’ve had and to provide you additional context.

“Our house is located in the Miami area near Miramar FL.When we first saw a Lennar home, it didn’t wow me, it’s average both in terms of the construction and the price.

But it was close to work and our realtor said nothing but good things about them, so without looking at any reviews, our family bought the house. The home was in the process of being built when we [signed the contract] and the delivery time was one month and to be honest, I was getting more and more excited as the move in approached.

My good experience with Lennar basically ended after 2 weeks of moving in.

After every shower, when everything is silent, I could hear a dripping sound coming from the pipes inside the walls.

I didn’t think much of it until a month or two later when the sound grew louder. So I searched the web and talked to a few friends and came to the conclusion that it’s something that has to be fixed because the problem wasn’t something that was going to go away. When I contacted Lennar, of course, they didn’t give a eff until I had to literally call them every week about it. And after a few back-and-forths, they told me that they will send someone.

Lennar comes to home

When someone came, they came and told me that it was nothing and not to worry about it. I, of course, told them that’s horse-sh** and that it’s something that has to be fixed.

I called up a profession out of own pocket to come and evaluate the situation and of course, the conclusion was that there’s a leak, and if it’s not fixed then it’s going to eventually get mold and I will have some real problems, but it may not happen until a few years down the line – when my warranty expires. After I told Lennar this, they gave my complaint to Jack Tacher – Director of Construction SEF Division.

The repair

It was determined that they had to rip my entire bathroom apart in order to fix it. Needless to say I wasn’t happy about it.

So for the next month, countless people came in and out of my house and I had to take work off left and right to facilitate them. I got in trouble with my boss for leaving so often and I ended up having to use vacation time to compensate how much I was gone.

When Lennar ripped my walls down guess what happened?

They found a bottle inside the pipes…a bottle…a glass bottle. How the eff does that get into the pipes? Someone put it there, that’s how. I expressed my anger and frustration to Jack Tacher and at first, I felt that he was sympathetic.

And to a certain degree, I think he was but not one of those,

“OMG, I can’t believe this happened to you, how can I make it right?”

But more

“OMG, I let me help me you just enough so that you will go away because I have other sh** to deal with.”

I moved into my house November 2016 and now more than 9 months later, the walls finally got patched but the energy and experience that I have exhausted on this would need at least a $10,000 compensation.

I had to spend money out of my own pocket to hire professionals to prove to Lennar that I wasn’t just some crazy person trying to get them to fix the *** garage house that they built.

It cost in electricity and water and a week worth of vacation just to come back and forth. I know that mistakes happen sometimes and every once in a while someone will screw up, but my anger comes from the lack of response when they see that they screwed up but choose to ignore the problem rather than fix it.

And when it gets to the point where they have to fix it or else face a lawsuit, they do below the minimum standard just so you would go away. Or in this case, trying to push things far enough that the warranty on the house expires.

Jack Tacher promised that he would compensate me for the headaches and time that I wasted because of Lennar’s mistake. And now after everything is done after 9 months, he’s decided that he changed his mind.

And that my 9 months of suffering was just bad luck and it sucks to be me. I simply can’t emphasize how much I regret buying this house.


They don’t hire good contractors because they pay them terrible wages and the contractor are so strapped for time that they will simply do whatever they can just so they will meet the time schedule.

I have attached a few picture of what my house looked for the last few months.

Although the problem is fixed now, but this is the eyesore that plagued me for more than half a year and if you don’t want this to happen to you. Don’t deal with Lennar.

See the original Pissed Consumer review for the pictures submitted by this Lennar homeowner.