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Emails to Lennar’s Jim Yeadon Concerning Mold Issues

In a back and forth email exchange with Jim Yeadon, Lennar admitted both A/C systems needed to be replaced but wasn’t addressing the biggest issue – mold.

After receiving an email from Jim Yeadon of Lennar on October 30, 2017, I resent the email with the questions I had about the water intrusion and mold damage the faulty A/C systems had caused.

The email is below and will insert relevant links to items that were not included in the original email dated November 2, 2017.


I had actually emailed a couple of times, but good to hear from you.

I hope you and the family didn’t go through too much during the hurricane.

From before, and based on the last meeting with Rick, Steve, and Mark, we had discussed some items related to the system replacements and some of them are specific to the main house, but have not since spoken to them since our last conference call on May 26, 2017.

Please find them below.

Both A/C Systems

Because of the number of malfunctions, both air compressors have been strained. I assume these will be replaced as well? There have been multiple instances of each compressor malfunctioning.

Mold Remediation

While both areas have significant mold issues, I was told there would be remediation done.


In the main house, the entire attic has been flooded multiple times, including water intrusion into the utility ceiling and walls. This also includes the entire closet area where the tankless gas water heater is and where the videos show water intrusion.

As well, there was flood damage done during one of the malfunctions to the wall where the electrical panel is located. It flooded through the entire wall to the point it was visible on the other side.

As well and is obvious, there is mold throughout the upstairs/office A/C unit and closet. There is water damage at the back wall and at the ceiling of that closet.

Attic Structure

The attic has flooded multiple times, including water intrusion onto the wood floor and beams. They were to come back with a solution for remediation for this as well.


Per the A/C report, the insulation throughout the attic was soaked which means there is mold. During mold and water intrusion remediation, they were to bring back a solution. Mold has always been a great concern here – both for health and structural reasons.

Supply Ducts

Because of the design of the attic, nobody, including the A/C inspector, has been able to inspect the ducts along parts of the attic, including confirming proper ventilation. Will this be done to ensure mold does not return?

Duct System Leaks

Per the report, the duct system showed visible signs of leaking. The report indicates they need to sealed or replaced, along with a pressure test. This could also explain the dripping sounds heard around some of the bathroom vents.

There is the concern about potential water damage and mold in areas that cannot be easily seen.

I became very sick the days after the first inspection, and it’s likely related to all the insulation that comes down when work is being performed there. Although it comes down consistently when the door isn’t open because of the improperly installed attic chase (that was another repair that was going to be done), it is exponentially worse when the attic door is opened and even worse when work is being done.

There are many items attached to all of this, as it’s been going on for years, and that was part of what the others were planning for in a comprehensive solution, but we never regrouped.

Per all of the other items, that was the issue – I was never sent back an updated spreadsheet that was promised. There was a lot that still needed to be inspected or discussed more, so I wasn’t sure what you wanted me to do around that, as there are 80+ items and it’s all extremely time-consuming.

Hopefully, this makes sense, appreciate the efforts and sorry for the apparent disconnect.

This information will help guide in my planning. The office is still not fixed and the fumes are still coming from the pipes, so have to limit time there.

Thank you,

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The email I sent to Jim Yeadon of Lennar regarding concerns of mold exposure while replacing the defective A/C units.

Note: As of the date of this publication, all the Lennar executives went silent and none of the construction repairs (totaling nearly $300,000) were ever made, including the promised replacements of two, improperly installed and defective A/C units causing extensive mold exposure and health issues.

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